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    Cobra Bio Cell Hybrid Golf Club Review

    The BiO Cell hybrid golf club from Cobra is yet another product aimed for pleasing a great amount of golfers due to its rich package of features.

    The hybrid incorporates the MyFly8 technology, offering the golfer eight different loft options to choose from for meeting their requirements and optimizing the experience on the golf course. The loft can be adjusted within a range of 3° and the clubs also feature the SmartPad technology for enabling the face to remain square at address. The launch conditions have also been enhanced through the E9 Face Technology which consists in taking the weight from the crown and re-positioning it low, on the back; a low CG paired with a high MOI will definitely make a difference.

    In terms of design, the Bio Cell golf clubs are defined by quite a bold look as they come in all sorts of vibrant colors, i.e. you can choose from a vast color palette and also the beautiful webbing pattern that decorates the crown. If you’re seeking for something more traditional, you can always choose the black color option if the red, gray, blue and orange tones aren’t your cup of tea when it comes to golf clubs.
    The steel face inserts have been added for delivering more distance, speed and a higher trajectory.
    The Cobra BiO CELL hybrid is retailed for $190 and offers, in exchange, a capable package that combines forgiveness, consistency and performance, which are essential on the golf course. The youthful look will be a bonus for some of us.