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    Cobra BAFFLER XL HYBRID Golf Club Review

    The Baffler XL hybrid is advertised by Cobra as being the “most forgiving and easy-to-hit hybrid” that they’ve created during their 40 years on the market. If that’s true (and I do believe it is), this means that golfing with this fellow will be easy peasy due to the consistency and forgiveness that the hybrid promises to deliver. Let’s see what’s “cooking” inside its package of features, shall we?

    The Baffler XL is defined by a youthful look that inspires confidence, having a blue-toned head that will certainly look appealing for most players. The clubs come with lite or regular steel or graphite shafts.
    The club provides a nice feedback and will “tell you” when the sweet spot is hit.

    For delivering smooth turf interaction, the hybrid features oversized rails on its bottom part, helping you to launch the ball longer and higher. The CG (center of gravity) has been placed low, towards the back, for offering a higher trajectory with a low spin. The MOI (moment of inertia) has been heightened due to the placing of 20 grams of tungsten low on the back. This offers more consistency, prevents the club from twisting and improves off center hits by making them fly straighter and higher.
    All in all, if you’re looking for an easy to hit, capable and forgiving golf club, the Cobra Baffler XL Hybrid is here for offering a joyful experience on the course and it retails for just $159.