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    Callaway Big Bertha OS Hybrids Review
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    The Callaway Big Bertha OS Hybrids retail from $249,99 and they’re built and designed for unparalleled distance and exceptional forgiveness, featuring a deeper body, a bigger and faster face and with the company’s proprietary Face Cup technology on top. Long story short, the Callaway Big Bertha OS Hybrids are the definition of a great mini wood so to speak, being very forgiving and filling the gap between fairway woods and long irons. Truth be told, utilities/rescue clubs or plainly said hybrids are the best invention in golf since Tiger Woods, being essential tools in every modern golfer’s paraphernalia, yet they’re also very complex pieces of gear. What you’ll have to remember about the Callaway Big Bertha OS Hybrids is that they’re incredibly easy to hit and very forgiving and if you think I’m saying forgiving a lot, well, that’s one of their main attributes, so I have to emphasize it.

    Callaway did a heavy redesign job on these babies and you’ll definitely notice the bigger face and the larger body in the Big Bertha OS hybrids. The pear shape looks like a shrunken fairway wood of sorts and offers you a great feeling during your games and also looks pretty good at address. The crown features a cool matte black finish while the sole looks very “mechanical”. The branding is minimal, and that will warm the hearts of golf purists; overall Callaway did a good job creating an elegant and classic looking club. The Callaway Big Bertha OS Hybrids are some of the most versatile and forgiving pieces of gear in the company’s portfolio, being long hitting and reliable, going high and straight and fairly easy to hit. You can call a hybrid many things, but the best way to describe the Callaway Big Bertha OS Hybrids is utility, as they’re useful in almost any situation imaginable, making for a worthwhile addition for your golf bag.