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Callaway Epic Star Hybrids Review
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The Callaway Epic Star Hybrids retail for $299 (MSRP) and they're engineered to be exceptionally forgiving, accurate and easy to launch, being built using the company's patented Face Cup and Standing Wave technology, together with a very light shaft and grip. The combo between the aforementioned technologies allowed Callaway to locate the clubs' center of gravity very low, while the use of premium/ultra light materials that are found in these hybrids are aimed at increasing swing speed and distance like never before. The Callaway Epic Star Hybrids' 455 Hyper Speed Face Cup adds to their amazing speed even more, as it's way more efficient with regard to delivering faster ball speeds all across the face, a feature that comes very handy especially on miss hits, and dramatically increases average distance. The ultra light Triaxial Carbon Crown gives these hybrids incredible forgiveness, while reducing overall weight.

The weight saved via using space-age materials allowed Callaway to increase the clubs' moment of inertia and to lower the center of gravity for longer, straighter shots and easy launch. All this tech-talk aside, the lesson to be taken home is this: the Callaway Epic Star Hybrids are built and designed to deliver exceptionally forgiving, powerful, easy to launch and accurate performance, being aimed at players looking to maximize distance via using lighter clubs. Think along the lines of juniors, seniors, or slow-swingers generally speaking. The new Epic Star hybrids incorporate the exact same technologies as the company's flagship Epic-line of products, but with a twist: these babies have been lightened up significantly, and there are some design tweaks, together with the use of ultra light/premium components to help you hit the ball faster, higher and longer than ever before. Bottom line, if you can live with the price, the Callaway Epic Star Hybrids are very easy to recommend, especially if you can put a good swing on an ultra-lightweight club that just keeps going and going.