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    Callaway Big Bertha Hybrid Review
    © Callaway Golf

    The Big Bertha hybrid represents an interesting experiment for Callaway, being the company’s first adjustable hybrid golf club. If I’d have to describe it shortly, I’d tell you that Big Bertha is pretty long, consistent and incredibly forgiving/easy to hit. Also, I should recommend this baby for all kinds of golfers, a must-have/must try actually, regardless of your skill levels. Yes, it’s that good folks and you can take that to the bank! With a price tag starting from $249.00, Big Bertha is a tad bigger than your average sized footprint, but you will be deceived about this matter by its pear shape. Design wise, you’ll be delighted to see the glossy-black crown which comes with a cool chevron alignment that’s perfectly centered (the alignment aid that is), unlike many other hybrid clubs. Another interesting feature about Big Bertha I must tell you about is the height of the face which is taller than most of the hybrids I put my hands on and this clever design will give you tons of confidence, thanks to the inspired look, along with the face depth. Believe me, there are situations when these tiny details really make a difference, such as going for fluffy lies in rough terrains.

    Another cool thing about this golf club is the sound that it makes. I mean, the Big Bertha sounds pretty hot without making a lot of noise; it actually sounds metallic/high pitched, like a fairway wood would sound like; pretty old school and very satisfying to my ears, I must tell you that; it makes you enjoy playing golf and that’s what is all about , isn’t it? Performance wise, Big Bertha really has it where it counts: it’s very forgiving and long enough, giving the ball that kind of speed which belongs more to a fairway wood than to a regular hybrid. This driver is perfectly capable of delivering a strong punch, allowing you to reach massive distances while holding the green tight! Using this baby you’ll be able to put your ball on a soft landing/high trajectory without fuss and without drama. And what separates the Big Bertha from the rest of the hybrids is its adjustability feature, making it a great choice for all types of golfers, not only for pros/high handicap players that is.