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    Bridgestone JGR Hybrid Review
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    The Bridgestone JGR Hybrid is aimed at high handicap amateurs and professionals alike, being a game improvement piece of golf gear, and it features a stiff sole paired with a flexible crown, for increasing launch. To describe it in a few words, the Bridgestone JGR Hybrid is a good club for when you're in trouble on the golf course, producing a repeatable draw and fairly easy to hit, with a relatively small head and a rounded leading edge, which enables it to cut through rough and make your life easier from tricky lies. Obviously, this hybrid comes with Bridgestone's latest and greatest technologies and features, such as an improved sole design, which gives it excellent versatility from any type of lie, together with a nice blend of the proprietary FAST crown design, working in tandem with the speeDARC technology, for offering an outstandingly stable base for allowing maximum crown flexibility. All these new technologies and design features created an awesome hybrid, which is the highest launching and fastest Bridgestone ever produced in their history.

    In terms of accuracy and forgiveness, the Bridgestone JGR Hybrid is a reliable performer, which keeps the ball tracking with pin point accuracy towards the target. When it comes to distance, the reasonably sized sweet spot in the Bridgestone JGR Hybrid makes for pretty long sticks and even misses arrive close to the target. The ball trajectory is piercing and offers plenty of roll-out. Now, talking about feel and feedback, the Bridgestone JGR Hybrid provides a dense and consistent feel all across the face, with almost zero instability and harshness, while its meaty head promotes a nice swing speed and tempo. The design of the Bridgestone JGR Hybrid consists of a traditional head shape and beautiful yet practical alignment aids on the crown, conveying confidence and looking like it can power through any type of lie. In conclusion, the Bridgestone JGR Hybrid makes for the perfect choice for a wide range of handicaps, due to its consistent length and the capability of actually devouring yards off the tee, while in the same time will gracefully extract you from all types of trouble.