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    Bridgestone J15 Hybrid Golf Club Review
    © Bridgestone Golf

    The Bridgestone J15 can be described as a rock-solid Hybrid that will work pretty good for a wide range of golf players, regardless their skill level; this is the no-nonsense option if you like; that kind of thing that you can’t go wrong with, the passe-partout of golf clubs. The J15 is built for both high and low handicap players, a very easy to like piece of golf gear coming from a reputable manufacturer who blessed the golfing world with a bunch of pretty outstanding products. The design of the Bridgestone J15 is timeless: nice, clean, with a gloss black crown and a slightly pear shaped head (which is a nice touch for better players, nota bene).

    What is interesting about the J15 is the peculiar design of the face. Unlike other hybrids, the J15 comes with an oval shaped face and a rounded sole, as opposed to the competition’s flatter leading edges (this seems to be the current trend in hybrids). The Bridgestone J15 sounds solid and meaty at impact and provides you with excellent feel/feedback during your swing; the weight of the club will certainly appeal to more traditional players, especially the ample feel for the club’s head. If you’re on the prowl for a classic, versatile, highly precise iron replacement club, well, this is it. In terms of performance, the J15 is a moderately forgiving golf club which is also a precision tool, a must have hybrid if you’re that kind of person who feels like attacking the green from any angle. If you’ll give this baby a test drive, you’ll discover (like yours truly) that what you’re dealing with here is an awesome and impressive Hybrid, one of the best I’ve ever tested. Beauty and style meets performance and forgiveness in a “best bang for the buck” kind of deal. Just try it and you’ll thank me later.