Hybrids Explained

    Adams Golf Red Hybrid Golf Club Review

    The Adams Golf Red Hybrid comes from a reputable golf-gear manufacturer, a world-wide recognized name in hybrids and it’s the latest and the greatest in a line of golf clubs which is very, very close to the original Pro (released back in 2007); the Adams Golf Red Hybrid is packed with all the high tech features Adam Golf could put into it and that’s basically all you need to know about this baby. If you need to know more, well, here it comes: playing in the better-player hybrids category, the Golf Red features the Adam’s classic hybrid face, the high toe and flat sole that comes with a little camber in it, all these tech innovations being aimed at adding playability to the club from all types of lies. The head of the golf club has the Velocity Shot in the sole while the crown features the Ghost Slot. These proprietary technologies will confer the club total control over the ball’s flight through shot, the default trajectory is penetrating and low and in terms of playability and versatility, the Adams Golf Red Hybrid really delivers with flying colors.

    If you need to fine-tune your game, the Adams Golf Red Hybrid comes with detachable weights on the sole which can be moved around in three positions. Play around with them and you’ll discover that you can subtly alter the ball trajectory and also balance the club for perfect swings. The stable and heavy head of the club and the versatile sole will provide you with a “meaty” sensation during your swings while the design is a head turner (I especially enjoy the contrast between the iron like/matte black head). Bottom line, the Adams Golf Red Hybrid comes in an almost perfect form/factor package, it has a classy design and offers you loads of control, forgiveness and playability, essential features for a state of the art golf club.