Pros and Cons of Every Golf Grip Style

Best Grip? Overlapping vs Interlocking

The Popularity of Golf Pride Grips

Golf Pride is one of the most popular – if not the most popular – golf grip brands on the market today. They offer a wide range of grip styles, so there is one within their line that is likely to fit the needs and preferences of just about every golfer. The models offered by Golf Pride also run a range of prices, from the basic Tour Velvet on the lower end up to the Multi Compound and other higher-priced options.

Looking at the basic Golf Pride Grip, the Tour Velvet, you will see that there is an important decision to make – cord, or no cord? A corded grip is one that has some cording inside of the rubber so that there is a rough and textured feel to the grip itself. Some golfers love this feeling, while others hate it. Golf Pride knows that not all golfers love the feel of the cord feature, so they offer the popular Tour Velvet grip in a cord and no-cord version.

Following are a few pros and cons of choosing a cord grip –

  • Pro – Excellent performance in poor weather. Cord grips tend to shine when the weather turns ugly. If you are playing in some rain, the cording in the grip will help provide you with the extra friction you need to hold onto the club. As you know, maintaining your grip in the rain is one of the biggest challenges when playing in poor weather, but a cord grip can go a long way to mitigating that issue.
  • Con – Can be hard on your hands. For some players, a cord grip will lead to blisters and sore hands by the end of the day. This is especially a problem for players who use a tight grip. If you squeeze the club a little bit too tight and you use a cord grip, your hands could be in for a rough day.
  • Pro – Limits slipping from sweat. Just as cord grips do well in bad weather, they also perform well when the weather is warm and your hands are sweaty. Again, since the cording in the grips adds friction, you won’t have to worry as much when your hands are a little damp prior to making a swing.
  • Con – May wear faster than non-cord grips. You might notice wear earlier with a cord grip than you would a non-cord option. As you start to wear down the cording on the portions of the grip where your hands are placed, the textured feel that they offered when new may start to fade.

Of course, the Tour Velvet is far from the only grip that offers cord as an option. In fact, the Multi Compound, another Gold Pride grip, offers cord in the top half of the grip. This is a nice compromise because the corded part of the grip will be under your golf glove (if you wear one) and your bare lower hand will be on the section of the grip with no cord. If you find that cord grips are a little too rough on your bare hand, a half-cord grip like the Multi Compound is a great option.

One other interesting option that Golf Pride has made available in recent years is the ability to pick out grips in a variety of colors. Traditionally, golf grips were only offered in black, but that has changed thanks to Golf Pride and a few other grip manufacturers. Today, you can get Golf Pride grips in a number of different color combinations to fit your own personal taste.