Garmin Approach G8 Golf Device Review

    Get All the Advantages with the Approach G8:
    Garmin brings you the Approach G8 with free Wi-Fi to keep you updated and going all day. Easy to use with the 3” color touch screen and yet made durable for use on the course. You can stay connected while playing golf while you get your notifications instantly such as emails, texts, and other alerts directly from your iPhone 4 or later. This device is very compact to carry with the dimensions of 2.1”x 4.4” x 0.6” (5.8x 11.2 x 1.4 cm). High resolution with a battery life of up to 15 hours. The water rating is IPX7 (1 meter).

    The Approach G8 offers exciting features to help improve your game. Get your distances to your target with adjustment of hills. The Pin Pointer will tell you with the direction of the pin regardless if you can see it or not. The Digital Scorecard is so handy to keep track of strokes, which includes saving to print later. Large colorful maps for easier viewing with layup target locations. For a quicker and easier viewing there is a Big Numbers Mode that will increase the font size for you instantly. Another great feature is the enhanced stat tracking per round and saved for later review. You will actually get advice as well, by naming your clubs the device will calculate which one to use based on distance and your history. Upon purchase there are over 38,000 preloaded courses and free updates and no subscription fees. For an added interaction there is the Garmin Connect, which is an online golf community to play, share, and compare your rounds with other players. Get the quality you expect and authenticity with the Garmin name. Acquire your Garmin Approach G8 Golf Device now and save.