Titleist Players: Thin-Skinned Glove Feels So Right
    © TITLEIST Golf

    Glove tested: Titleist Players (men’s) Retail price: $24 Material(s): Cabretta leather Colors: Pearl Hand: Left, right Sizes: S, M, ML, L, XXL

    Available in cadet* fit: Yes (left hand only) Weather: All

    About this glove: Ssssshhhhhh… Quiet on the tee. Titleist logo approaching.

    When you see the Titleist name on a golfer’s equipment, you know you’re looking at one of two things: 1) An excellent player, or 2) Somebody posing as one. Arguably golf’s most powerful brand, Titleist carefully nurtures its reputation as the choice of better golfers. (See: the ProV1 golf ball.)

    The latest proof is quite subtle. The newest version of Titleist’s aptly named Players glove features a quieter velcro fastener at the wrist. We can’t have swings harshly interrupted by the sound of ripping velcro, now can we?

    In all seriousness, Titleist’s Players glove is a premium offering made from super-thin Ethiopian cabretta leather. The newest model (2015) includes two rows of elastic across the back of the hand for enhanced fit, plus satin reinforcement for better durability at the thumb and wrist.

    The glove category has seen numerous advances in recent years, with technology improving fit, comfort and durability. Is Titleist’s old-school Players glove still relevant, or merely a relic? On to our try-out.

    Appearance: Not much to say here. Titleist offers just one color, pearl, and the Players glove look is as clean as it gets. Some might call it old-fashioned. We consider it simple, elegant and classic.

    Comfort: We’re not sure what differentiates Ethiopian cabretta leather from that made in, say, China or South American. But we’ll tell you this: The stuff used in Titleist’s Players glove is soft and smooth as Indian silk. There’s no mesh in this model, but it manages to feel breathable and lightweight on the hand. The elastic strips on the back do their job well, too.

    Feel: As a company – from its drivers to its golf balls – Titleist is all about feel. We expected this glove to provide exceptional hand-to-club sensitivity, and we weren’t disappointed. The extra-thin palm transmits the handle’s every notch and nodule right into the fingers and up the arms. Just the way we like it.

    Tackiness: We’ll call it average for its class, with a note that all cabretta gloves we’ve tried are generally excellent in this category. After a couple rounds and half a practice session, it easily passed the “squeak test.” (Try this: With your glove on, rub the palm of your non-glove hand firmly against the gloved palm. There should be ample friction to produce an audible squeak. If not, the glove has lost tackiness and should be either cleaned properly or replaced.)

    Durability: If the Titleist Players glove falls short anywhere, it’s here. That’s really no surprise, since the leather is exceptionally thin. We wouldn’t call it a deal breaker – the glove’s durability is on par with similar models – but we definitely advise a little extra TLC.

    Bottom line: No other brand says “single digit handicap” quite as eloquently as Titleist. If you’re more of a blue-collar type looking for a great bargain, the Players glove probably isn’t for you. Feel players will love its comfort and feedback, so long as they don’t mind spending some time babying their glove between rounds. In other words, it’s an outstanding glove that, like most Titleist products, isn’t for everybody.

    *Cadet gloves have shorter fingers than regular gloves of the same size; e.g., a cadet medium glove has the same palm fit with shorter fingers than a standard medium.