Wilson Staff Conform: A Winning Combo of Cabretta and Mesh

    Glove tested: Wilson Staff Conform (men’s) Retail price: $15 Material(s): Cabretta leather, terry cloth mesh Colors: White with black Hand: Left, right Sizes: S, M, ML, L, XL, XXL

    Available in cadet* fit: Yes (left hand only) Weather: All

    About this glove: The No. 2 glove in Wilson’s lineup (behind the Staff FG Tour), the Conform makes a promise with its very name. That is, the glove is designed to conform to the hand thanks to extensive use of stretchable mesh.

    That’s pretty much all that separates the Conform from the Staff FG Tour (aside from about $4 in price). Like the FG Tour, Conform features Abyssinian cabretta leather from Ethiopia on the palm and fronts of fingers, is tanned for extra tackiness with the “Tack Teck” process, and offers Scotchgard protection from the elements.

    We took the Wilson Staff Conform glove out for a few swings. Here’s how it fared.

    Appearance: Fairly standard for a leather-and-mesh model. We like the Conform’s look better than some, though, because it’s not overdone – black mesh covers the backs of three fingers (all but forefinger and thumb) and the top of the backhand. Clean and simple.

    Comfort: Conform definitely provides comfort. The mesh flexes easily but rebounds between uses, so there’s no worry about over-stretching it. Perforations do their job of airing out the hand, while the glove handles normal amounts of moisture with, pardon the pun, no sweat. The leather is soft, inside and out.

    Feel: Thin, cabretta leather palm and fingers? Check. Excellent feel for the club’s grip and head? Check. Fact is, Wilson’s Staff Conform glove is essentially a high-end model where hands meet club. It performs accordingly.

    Tackiness: Wilson is certainly on to something with its “Tack Teck” surfacing. Like the FG Tour, the Staff Conform glove is exceptionally grippy across the palm. It seems to resist dirt and grime very well too, perhaps because of the Scotchgard application. It’s a big winner in this critical category.

    Durability: Provided the mesh and leather don’t separate at the seams – and we have no reason to believe they will – the Conform figures to match its big brother for durability. That’s a good thing. Again, we’ll chalk it up to the unique features Wilson has built into these gloves.

    Bottom line: Wilson isn’t the only company to marry cabretta with materials like lycra and microfiber (see Callaway’s X Spann and the Nike Dri-Fit Tech, among others). It’s an idea that makes perfect sense, combining cabretta’s superior feel and playing qualities with the flexibility and breathability of synthetic materials to make a glove that not only fits and performs, but costs less than an all-cabretta model. With the Staff Conform – which excels in tackiness and durability – Wilson definitely has a winner on its hands. We recommend getting one on yours.