Nike Dri-Fit Tech: Golf Glove Blends Tradition with Technology
    Glove tested: Nike Dri-Fit Tech (men’s) Retail price: $21 Material(s): Cabretta leather, silicone Colors: White with black Hand: Left, right Sizes: S, M, ML, L

    Available in cadet* fit: No Weather: All

    About this glove: Technology isn’t just for golf clubs anymore.

    In truth, high-tech materials and concepts long ago spilled into other areas of the game. Still, Nike’s Dri-Fit Tech glove looks like something out of The Matrix. The back of the glove features a black silicone piece stretched over the knuckles. The idea, says Nike, is to enhance support and range of motion by emulating the tendons’ structure.

    That’s all fine and well. We’re all for pushing the envelope in the interest of better performance. The question is, does the Nike Dri-Fit Tech meet the fundamental goals of any golf glove – providing great comfort and feel? Read on to find out.

    Appearance: Nike loyalists tend to skew young, and we’d expect them to love the look of the Dri-Fit Tech glove. Traditionalists? Perhaps not. Regardless of taste, we think the circular silicone knuckles are pretty cool.

    Comfort: For all its high-tech components, Nike’s Dri-Fit Tech glove is made mostly of cabretta leather. That translates to a soothingly smooth feel around the hand and plenty of suppleness to get the job done. The back of the glove stretches nicely to fit, without losing elasticity.

    Feel: Comfort on the back of the hand is important, but the palm and finger fronts are where the leather meets the handle. Nike’s cabretta surface is soft and sensitive, as it ought to be. Feedback is fed right into the heart of the hand, while practice swings in the rough provide a good account of the grass’s consistency.

    Tackiness: In line with other cabretta models. As long as the palm is dry, getting good friction shouldn’t be an issue.

    Durability: We didn’t test the Dri-Fit Tech’s limits in this category, but noticed nothing to give pause on the course or driving range.

    Bottom line: The Nike Dri-Fit Tech isn't your dad’s golf glove. Well, unless your dad is into space-age styling and enjoys looking a little younger than his actual age. Appearance aside, the glove fits and performs quite well. The high-tech parts are functional while the cabretta leather feel and acts like, well, cabretta leather. In essence, it’s a traditional glove in 21st-century clothing.

    *Cadet gloves have shorter fingers than regular gloves of the same size; e.g., a cadet medium glove has the same palm fit with shorter fingers than a standard medium.