Ping Sensor Sport: Basic Glove, High-Level Performance
    © Ping Golf

    Glove tested: Ping Sensor Sport (men’s) Retail price: $20 Material(s): Cabretta leather, lycra spandex Colors:White with black Hand: Left, right Sizes: S, M, ML, L, XL

    Available in cadet* fit: Yes (left hand only) Weather: All

    About this glove: Ever since Karsten Solheim crafted his first crude, heel-toe weighted putter in 1959, Ping has been synonymous with innovation. Yet when it comes to golf gloves, the company keeps it pretty conventional.

    Ping’s Sensor glove lineup includes just three models, the Sport, Tour and Tech, plus a Ladies Sensor Sport. There’s nothing wild about their black-on-white stylings, no miles-ahead-of-the-curve technology built into Ping’s gloves. Think of this as the no-frills side of a paradigm-busting company.

    Crafted from “Solite” cabretta leather, Ping’s Sensor Sport glove promises an extremely light, soft feel. It also features a flexible, lycra spandex strip across the back of the knuckles, moisture-wicking fabric at the wrist and pre-curved fingers (a la Hirzl’s Trust Control and Trust Feel gloves).

    We were curious to know what happens when Ping goes mainstream. Can its designers and craftsmen rein in their creative urges and build a product that functions on old-fashioned fundamentals? Here’s what we found.

    Appearance: Nothing fancy, and that’s just fine. The black mesh on the backhand and multiple finger perforations let you know this glove is built for comfort, not show.

    Comfort: You’d be hard-pressed to find a more comfortable glove than the Ping Sensor Sport. Inside, it’s velvety smooth and soft to the touch. Combine the ultra-light leather with effortless flexibility and it’s easy to forget this thing is on your hand at all.

    Feel: Like all gloves in the premium price range, Ping’s Sensor Sport features a very thin palm surface. The less material between hand and grip, the better you can feel every quiver from clubhead to handle. This glove compares favorably to the FootJoy StaSof and TaylorMade Tour Preferred, among others in its category. In other words, top-notch.

    Quick note: Bubba Watson, perhaps golf’s ultimate “feel player,” wore the Sensor Sport glove en route to his second Masters win (2014).

    Tackiness: Also excellent. In fact, we’d rate it near the head of its class in this department. Unless something goes seriously awry during your swing, there’s no worry about slippage with the Sensor Sport. As a bonus, you can hold the club with minimal pressure – and we all know tension is a swing killer, right?

    Durability: Better than expected. Better than most with cabretta palms, in fact. Provided you care for this glove properly, it should take at least a half dozen rounds and practice sessions to notice abrasions on the palm, thumb or fingers. The stitching holds up well, as does its tackiness.

    Bottom line: We’ve got to hand it to Ping. The Sensor Sport glove proves the company can, indeed, deliver the goods in a very basic package. Golf clap, please.

    *Cadet gloves have shorter fingers than regular gloves of the same size; e.g., a cadet medium glove has the same palm fit with shorter fingers than a standard medium.