Callaway Fusion Pro Gloves Review
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    The  Callaway Fusion Pro Gloves retail for $15,99 (MSRP) and they feature a highly advanced composite (as in multi-material) built, which will definitely rock your world. I mean, after trying these babies on the golf course, you'll probably rethink everything you knew about your old gloves and never come back. It's just like that old saying: once you go Fusion Pro…you never go back. Ok, maybe I am exaggerating a bit, but after playing for a few days using the  Callaway Fusion Pro Gloves, I was totally flabbergasted by the levels of fit, grip, durability and performance offered by these golf gloves, given their very decent price tag. What makes these gloves great is a multitude of factors.

      Let me enumerate just a few, like the Opti Feel leather, which is the definition of premium feel, comfort and perfect fit for your hands. Also, let's not forget the Opti Fit adjustable closure system, which promotes a light, thin and secure fit, together with the Opti Flex material, that delivers excellent fit and feel, and also great flexibility. The Cotton Terry Cuff works in tandem with Callaway's X-Spann technology, for delivering you amazing performance during prolonged golfing sessions, moisture wicking, a supreme soft feel and perfect moisture absorption. Just try them today and improve your game.