Asher Cooltech Birdy: Combo Glove Backs Up Bold Claim

    Glove tested: Asher Cooltech Birdy (men’s) Retail price: $13 Material(s): Cabretta leather, synthetic leather, lycra Colors: White with gray Hand: Left, right Sizes: S, M, ML, L, XL, XXL

    Available in cadet* fit: No Weather: All

    About this glove: How’s this for a bold claim: “The best feeling glove you will ever wear.”

    That’s Asher making a pretty gutsy statement about its Cooltech Birdy golf glove. Consider, though, that this is the company behind the Death Grip – a heavy metal-inspired glove which resembles a skeletal hand – and such audacity is hardly surprising.

    Speaking of audacious, the Cooltech Birdy glove features the silhouette of a bird near the tip of, what else, the middle finger. Clever, huh?

    While that might make some golfers squirm, Asher promises nothing but pure comfort from its Cooltech Birdy. Cabretta leather adorns the palm and front of the thumb, pinky and middle fingers, with Cooltech synthetic leather and lycra filling out the remaining space. All but the cabretta portions are heavily perforated for breathability.

    We had heard great things about Asher’s Cooltech Birdy glove. Being fans of the Death Grip and Asher’s colorful Premium Collection, we were anxious to give this model a try. Find out if the Cooltech Birdie met our expectations.

    Appearance: Funny, but the little bird actually gives this glove a whimsical, even classy appearance. (Provided you don’t actually raise the middle finger to anyone, of course.) Most of the black cabretta facing is on the glove’s front side, where it’s less visible. The backhand is a sharp black-and-white combo.

    Comfort: To the folks who turned us on to Asher’s Cooltech Birdy glove, we say thank you. It’s as comfortable a golf glove as any we’ve worn. Unlike some models that stitch different materials together, this one feels seamless between cabretta, synthetic leather and lycra. It’s extremely light, soft and supple, and moisture simply disappears before you even know it’s there. Lycra segments in the backhand and along the sides of the fingers ensure an excellent fit and flexibility.

    Feel: The Cooltech Birdy fares just as well in this category. With cabretta in all the right places, sensitivity is first-rate where you need it most. The rest of the surface holds up its end of the bargain, too. The hidden cost of many a $13 glove is a loss off feel. That’s not the case here.

    Tackiness: We’ve tried synthetic leather gloves that got a little slick after a few outings, but the Cooltech Birdy’s pseudo-leather portions did fine. It’s the cabretta, though, that does the heavy lifting here. Traction is not an issue.

    Durability: If this Asher glove comes up short anywhere, it’s in this department. We advise rotating it with at least one other glove during your rounds and range sessions, then flattening and storing it properly – i.e., not wadded up in your bag – between outings. Cared for properly, it should last as long as your standard leather glove.

    Bottom line: If you’ve been scared off by Asher’s out-there Death Grip and less than keen on the Premium Collection, the Cooltech Birdy makes a great intro to this independent glove maker. It’s incredibly comfortable, performs beautifully and represents a terrific value. For our 13 bucks, the Bird is the word.