Wilson Staff FG Tour F5 Irons

    The FG Tour F5 series of clubs is developed around an acronym of F-C-D…Feel, Crossover and Distance. This innovative idea is aimed to address the needs of each and every golfer, no matter the skill level. The FG Tour F5 irons fall within the Crossover category.

    According to Wilson, “The new Crossover category is for the golfer who wants workability, forgiveness and distance in their clubs. Our product design starts and ends with the player in mind and whilst the new F5 designs are geared to suit the eye of the better player our game improvement technology helps complement each golfer’s game”.

    The following features are what Wilson feels identifies this iron as a Crossover club:

  • Speed Sole Technology:Expands and lowers the sweet spot resulting in faster ball speeds in the long and mid irons.
  • Stabilizing Bar:Stretches across the back of the face providing support and making the club more forgiving. This also contributes to the workability of the FG Tour F5 irons.
  • Forged Feel:8620 carbon steel is forged giving this iron exceptional feel, feedback and response.
  • The finish is more of a satin finish which is a far cry from the polished chrome we have seen from Wilson in the past. The accents (black and silver) complement this new finish nicely, giving it a clean sharp look.

    As with most forged irons, the FG Tour F5 irons sound solid and feel smooth when hit solidly. Mishits do produce the typical clinking sound but that is to be expected. What is also expected is the dampening provided by the perimeter weighting with off center hits.

    The launch angle achieved along with peak trajectory enables these irons to go a long ways, yet maintain a descent angle that should hold greens better. A nice combination to be sure.


    Set consists of 4 iron through GW (3 iron on special order only and RH only)

    Steel shafts are Dynamic Gold XP (reg., stiff and X-stiff). Graphite shafts are Mitsubishi Rayon (reg. and stiff)

    The FG Tour F5 irons are a pleasant addition to this years’ line of Wilson clubs. I believe that they will appeal to players in most handicap ranges. I myself could play these and be more than happy with what it has to offer.