ULT-X Golf Laser Rangefinder from TecTecTec Now Available for Purchase

TecTecTec is not as well known as other heavy players in the industry, yet their latest golf rangefinder dubbed ULT-X is definitely going to turn a few heads, and make people more interested in the company. The thing about TecTecTec is that it’s specialized in creating products in the “best bang for the buck” category, and the same stands true for the ULT-X, which makes for an affordable laser ($249.99) rangefinder packed with state of the art technologies for making one’s life easy on the golf course. And that’s basically what we’re all looking for in an era when technology is becoming increasingly cheaper. The ULT-X is TecTecTec’s most advanced laser finder to date, and it incorporates the hugely popular TLT feature. The TLT acronym stands for Target Lock Technology and it works by producing a small vibration in the device when the desired target is identified. There’s also a slope toggle feature available in the ULT-X by the way.

This latest-gen laser finder from TecTecTec is built using high quality components and advanced/state of the art optics, to deliver pin-point accuracy with regard to distance readings, along with crystal clear clarity. The tech specs of the ULT-X (plus or minus 0.3 yards up to 300 yards accuracy) are comparable to basically any other (much more expensive) product on the market, hence its obvious appeal to golfers on tight budgets. The latest ULT-X laser ranger finder can capture distances and determine yardages to a flag at four hundred yards, including hazards at up to one thousand yards. You can activate/deactivate the visible slope-toggle function at a touch of a button, and that comes very handy in delicate situations, i.e. if you want to use your laser range finder in competitions (slope toggle disabled), or you want to instantly calculate elevation adjusted distances (normal mode). Here’s the company’s director Renan Lore talking about their most advanced product to date:

ULT-X Golf Laser Rangefinder from TecTecTec Now Available for Purchase

“We seek to provide the absolute highest-quality products at a price that is affordable for all players. Unlike other brands, we use the most advanced components and manufacturing techniques to create first-class, extremely dependable laser rangefinders.”

One of the secrets for the relatively low price tag of TecTecTec products is the fact that the company eliminated the middlemen in the distribution-chain, hence they’re now capable of providing state of the art gear at lower prices compared to their direct competitors. The ULT-X is now available to customers world-wide, together with TecTecTec’s best selling VPRO-DLX and VPRO-500. All of the three models feature 3 distinct modes: Scan Mode, which helps you make decisions on the fly by continuously making measurements, Target Priority Mode with Target Lock Technology, which helps you with providing instant measurements to the closest target to pick up the flagstick, regardless of the background (like wooden areas), and Normal Mode.

In case you were wondering, TecTecTec is a French company, founded 4 years ago, in 2014, and has representation in Houston, Texas and Bali, Indonesia.