Tungsten Weights For Golf Putter Heads

Flex Weight is a package of 10 easy-to-apply self-adhesive tungsten squares

Apply to Putter heads to increase the swingweight.

Each square weighs 2 grams and takes up less space than cheaper imitations.

Works great on Putters!


Tungsten is 1.7 more dense plus much safer than lead.

  • High Density – Each 1/2″ square is equivalent in weight to 4″ of standard lead foil tape
  • Vibration and sound dampening qualities
  • Flexible

Easy to Use:

1. Clean the surface of the club head with alcohol.

2. Select the number of flex weight squares you want by cutting them from the master pad.

3. Peel off the paper back and press into place for 10 seconds to fully activate the adhesive.

Small but heavy Tungsten Weights work great for putters. It can add a perfect amount of feel back to your favorite putter. You will love the non-toxic tungsten instead of using lead tape!