Tour Edge Launches Bazooka 370 and Bazooka 470 Complete Sets

Tour Edge announced (quite a while ago to be honest) their new Bazooka 370 and Bazooka 470 Black complete sets for golfers looking for no-nonsense gear at affordable prices. The new sets are part of the company’s Get in the Game products, i.e. best sellers designed and built to play in the “best bang for the buck” category in the game.

As per Tour Edge manifesto, the new Bazooka 370 and Bazooka 470 Black are basically high quality/high performance sets built to make golfers’ lives easier on the course, and the game itself easier to play, or something along these lines. According to the company’s president David Glod, but let’s quote the man himself:

“Our Get in the Game products include complete sets for men, seniors, women, and juniors, as well as modestly priced golf bags, wedges, and putters. The entire Get in the Game concept is fueled by our desire to help grow the game of golf by offering great performing products at the best pricing in the industry. No one else is doing what we are doing as far as offering every type of golfer a quality option to get into new golf equipment.”

Tour Edge Launches Bazooka 370 and Bazooka 470 Complete Sets

Marketing talk aside, the Bazooka 370 and Bazooka 470 Black sets feature a new weight positioning and club head shapes, in order to deliver more forgiveness compared to previous Tour Edge made gear, i.e. they’re incredibly easy to hit and launch.

Let’s begin with the new Bazooka 470 Black complete men’s package set: all the irons in the set arrive with “new and improved” aerodynamically shaped heads, as well as an optimal CoG (center of gravity). There’s also a high-MOI 460cc Bazooka Black 10.5 degree driver, available with a new shape and obviously sold separately, that’s ideal for people looking for high flying and accurate performance. The driver comes with Tour Edge’s patented VFT, also known as Variable Thickness Face technology, that delivers long and powerful tee shots. The 470 Black set includes more advanced head shapes for the 15-degree 3-wood and the 19-degree 5-wood; these babies are designed with a pretty big sweet spot and a shallow face, i.e. everything is aimed at helping golfers to lift the ball easier and on target.

Then we have the 470 hybrids, which are also brand new and featuring new shapes, including a shallow face and an enhanced center of gravity, which bring together both accuracy and forgiveness in a long iron replacement club. The new hybrids are available in lofts of 22 and 25 degrees. We must also say a few words about the new larger iron head designs, that arrive with a longer and wider blade, featuring additional weight located lower and in the center of the club. This particular design feature is aimed at improving forgiveness because after all's said and done, you can't have game improving equipment without extra forgiveness. The new 470 irons combine an expanded undercut cavity with extreme perimeter weighting to the heel and toe of the clubhead, which ends up in a bigger-than-life sweet spot, for a high and powerful launch.

Tour Edge Launches Bazooka 370 and Bazooka 470 Complete Sets

And before you ask, the new Bazooka 470 Black set includes a high moment of inertia putter in a mallet-style design, that maximizes stability. Finally, all the components of the new complete-set from Tour Edge arrive in a newly designed dual strap lightweight stand bag (with steel shaft iron set) or deluxe cart bag (with graphite shaft iron set), right-handed only, for only $539,99 MSRP.

Next in line, we have the Bazooka 370 Complete Set; arguably, the main star of the show is the 460cc titanium matrix Bazooka 370 driver, that arrives with an optimized CoG (center of gravity) and extra weight located in the heel and toe areas, as well as a newly designed ultra-thin face. The new perimeter weighting technology and the thin face of the driver are incredible in terms of boosting forgiveness, especially on off-center hits, and they also deliver a faster and higher launch, shot after shot.

Tour Edge Launches Bazooka 370 and Bazooka 470 Complete Sets

The fairway woods in the Bazooka 370 set are designed as low profile, oversized stainless steel 15- and 19-degree, with a lower center of gravity and new shapes, i.e. they're easier to hit than ever before and excel at getting the ball quickly into the air from basically any lie. The Bazooka 370 hybrid successfully replaces the hard-to-hit long iron and makes for a forgiving No. 4 24-degree hybrid with a low profile design and easy to hit stainless steel head, featuring a deep CoG.

The Bazooka 370 set includes distance based irons, now in a larger design and extra heel and toe weighting, with a low CoG; everything's centered on delivering amplified ball flights, as the cavity back irons built from stainless steel are designed to deliver excellent accuracy via their larger sweet spot. The Bazooka 370 putter comes with an easy to use alignment-aid, in an anser-style design. Obviously, all the gear comes packed in a premium lightweight stand bag if you order the Men's set, or a lightweight cart bag if you order the Senior set. Both versions are available for $439.99 MSRP, both in left and right-handed options nationwide and globally.