Top rated Blade putter for 2016

    Bettinardi BB Series

    The first thing one notices about the Bettinardi putters is the honeycomb milling pattern on the face. This unmistakable patented pattern was designed by founder Bob Bettinardi to make the surface as flat as possible. It was discovered years ago that milling patterns and face grooves get the ball rolling as intended and increase feel.

    Whether it’s the BB1, BB1F or the BB8, the Bettinardi blade putters are a joy to play with. This year sees Bettinardi putters stray from their traditional colors and finishes. The look is now a rainbow PVD finish called Midnight black, with lime green print and a purple grip. It is definitely more modern looking and maybe even trendy. Might as well jump in with both feet I guess.

    One thing that hasn’t changed is the superb feel of the Bettinardi putters. Yes it has a small sweet spot and is very unforgiving, but if you are a golfer who is confident with your stroke, the consistency and predictability of Bettinardi will intrigue you.

  • BB1 “Crafted for those who expect a timeless design, the BB1 embodies the tradition of a classic heel toe weighted blade now with a Midnight Black Finish and Brushed Nickel Shaft. The soft bumpers and definitive muscles make this the time-honored Bettinardi putter. This BB series staple has a neck with light mill marks displaying the craftsmanship that goes into making every Bettinardi. The Hyper-Honeycomb face on all BB Series models is recognized worldwide as our trademark in putting and superior look”.
  • BB1F “The BB1F includes a neck that is ridge-milled and fades right into the head of the putter itself; allowing for a conventional smoothed out stroke. The appearance at address of this highly desired model is pure, flowing down to the shaft, while keeping our focus on the ball without any distractions. The slightly displaced Bettinardi text to the right side of the pocket gives all the BB Series putters a striking designer appeal”.
  • BB8 “The BB8 has a two tiered heel and toe weighted cavity back design that has squared off bumpers and topline. Combine this sharp look with a plumber’s neck and you have one of the all-time classic putters ever made. The BB8 has our patented Honeycomb face to ensure the flattest surface possible!”