The New PXG Metalwoods Are Here, More Expensive Than Ever!
©PXG Golf

PXG is a company known for two things: their hefty price tags and the way they are trying to do things differently. Now, even if you subscribe to the idea that “change ain't good”, to quote from the classics, the new PXG metalwoods are here to stay, and surprisingly enough, they really do things in a different way. What's not surprising at all is that yes, they'll cost you even more compared to the older generation. The brand spanking new PXG metalwoods include new fairway wood/hybrid lines and 2 new driver models. However, the big news is that PXG pulled a “switch in the innovation cycle” with their latest clubs, and that's hardly a surprise for a company that tried the exact same thing since its inception. What's different with these metalwoods is that they are borrowing (heavily) in terms of tech-innovations from PXG excellent line of 0311 irons. Each of the new PXG metalwoods now boasts the patented elastomer compound , which covers the internal structure while supporting the very thin face of the hollow irons. The TPE compound weighs 8 grams on the 0811LX driver, which is designed for slower swing speeds and makes for a lighter head model, and fourteen grams respectively on the 0811X driver. This special compound works in tandem with the carbon-fiber made crown, in order to lower the COG (center of gravity), to save weight and to reduce spin. The special TPE compound is used to mitigate issues inherent with engineering clubs with extremely thin geometry, i.e. harsh vibrations and things of that nature. While other companies tried to approach the problem via creating rib structures, PXG found a more efficient and elegant way to deal with these issues by using TPE, which also saves a lot of weight in the process, puts the mass where the company wants it, and makes the thickness as thin as technically possible, sans vibrations.

Even the sound is affected by the TPU technology, as the new PXG metalwoods now have a unique soft sound, a feature that would have been impossible with any type of internal structure. The TPE pad inside the new PXG metalwoods is designed in a honeycomb structure, and that further saves mass. Yet, the biggest savings in terms of mass are due to the carbon fiber made crowns on the new 0811LX and 0811X drivers, where fourteen grams are saved, compared to the original 0811 that featured an all titanium crown. The new 0317X hybrids save 10 grams via the same technological trick, while the new 0341X fairway woods save almost 14 grams. PXG's new 0811LX and 0811X drivers are designed to reduce spin, compared to the previous generation, and the company chose to use TPU internally and carbon fiber in the crown to achieve a lower center of gravity, while keeping the clubs' high MOI (moment of inertia). Tech talk aside, these innovations translate into more stability on off center hits. The new 0811LX and 0811X drivers also utilize PXG's patented (revised and updated) variable thickness face design, with a new face insert that it's lighter and improves the CG positioning, while keeping MOI. The number of ports (PXG's trademark feature) on the drivers has been reduced to only 10 instead of 16 in the previous generation, in the same combo of heavy and lightweight screw weights (tungsten and titanium made respectively), which allow the player to fine-tune/customize ball flight to reduce spin or to mitigate slices/hooks. Also, the new PXG fairway woods and hybrids (0341X and 0317X respectively) are engineered to deliver lower spin and a lower COG compared to the current models in the company's lineup. There are now 7 ports on the hybrids and 9 on the fairway woods, as both use PXG's patented adjustable screw weights technology. The new drivers are sold for $850 MSRP ( the 0811LX and 0811X),while the new 0341X fairway woods will cost $650. The cheapest of the bunch are the new 0317X hybrids, with a price tag of $550 (MSRP).