The New Scotty Cameron Phantom X 12.5 Putter Is Here

If you're a Scotty Cameron loyalist, i.e. if you're a fan of the brand, the good news is that the new Scotty Cameron Phantom X 12.5 putter is already available in stores since last December. Okay, so what took us so long, you asked? Well, it was Christmas, then the New Year, you know the drill, right? So, word on the street is that the new Scotty Cameron Phantom X 12.5 is pretty much taking an existing design, and making it better, for most players, as opposed to reinventing a design. If that sounds complicated, the point is that the Phantom X 12.5 is basically an upgraded/evolved successor of the popular Phantom X line of mallets. You see where this is going, right?

The new putter by Scotty Cameron is aimed at conquering the hearts and minds of the brand loyalists seeking for more stability and more toe flow. The new Phantom X 12.5 putter is more toe-down if you like, in terms of mallet design that is, and, most importantly, unlike many others used by top pros, it's also available for southpaws, i.e. you can order it left-handed. In case you didn't know it yet, Scotty Cameron is Titleist's master craftsman for putters, ant the Phantom X 12.5 makes for a single-alignment full-size mallet, built using premium materials and impeccable workmanship, i.e. 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum in the center section, with silver-toned 303 stainless steel sections for the heel/toe areas.The New Scotty Cameron Phantom X 12.5 Putter Is Here Considering the fact that aluminum is significantly lighter than stainless steel, the club is very stable on off-center hits, as the vast majority of the head weight is located in the perimeter. However, if that's not enough to impress you, you'll also get a couple of weights located in the sole, which can be easily adjusted by a custom fitter, or, why not, at the Titleist factory. And by the way, before you ask, the main difference between the regular Phantom X 12 and the Phantom X 12.5 is the toe hang and the hosel configuration. The latter features a low bend shaft configuration, that incidentally delivers more toe hang, which makes the putter excellent for golfers with an arced putting stroke. And here's the deal: you can get the latest and greatest mallet-size putter from Scotty Cameron for just $429 MSRP at Titleist authorized golf shops all across the United States. We'll close with a quick word from the man himself:

“Every time we introduce a new putter line, I receive requests from tour players and dedicated golfers for additional setups and configurations. Phantom X 12.5 is the result of some of those requests. I added the low-bend shaft for extra toe flow and also designed a new alignment option by milling a single sightline down the center painted black for a very clean look from address. It really sets up nicely. Adding this new model also gave me the opportunity to make a left-handed version designed so everyone can take advantage of the performance benefits of the Phantom X 12.5.” – Scotty Cameron