The New JMX UltraLite Grips from Jumbomax Are Here!

If you’re not familiar with the brand, Jumbomax that is, you must learn that what we’re dealing with here is a company specialized in building super oversized grips, which incidentally are one hundred percent USGA compliant. So, the good news for today is that the new JMX UltraLite Grips from Jumbomax are finally available.

If you’re wondering what’s the hubbub, well, you should learn that the JMX UltraLite grips are aimed at golf players looking for all the benefits of the company’s oversized grip technology, but they’re not willing to make compromises with regard to weight and feel in the club head. The thing about the JMX UltraLite grips is that they’re literally half the weight of the company’s patented oversized grips, but they offer the same performance, as in outstanding control and stability. As an interesting factoid, these babies were impossible to manufacture until very recently, due to breakthrough technology/manufacturing innovations. The new oversized ultra-light grips are available in four sizes: small, medium, large and X-large, and they’re built and designed to keep the feeling of a heavier club-head, while promoting a light and even grip pressure.

The New JMX UltraLite Grips from Jumbomax Are Here!

In terms of shape, the JMX UltraLite grips feature an oversized tapered profile which makes the club face square longer, and they’re available in black with red and white and blue pinstripe color ways. Here are the tech specs:

  • Firmness: Maximum
  • Texture: Multi-textured, High-tack, All-weather Polyurethane surface.
  • Vibration Dampening: Moderate.
  • Standard .600 inch core diameter.
  • Length 11?”
  • Weight: Small 46g, Medium 47g, Large 49g, X-Large 51g

Why go for JumboMax Grips you asked? That’s an easy one: if you want something better to fit your hand like a glove, for better accuracy and increased distance which ends up in more solid ball striking, the answer is pretty obvious. The larger diameter of the JumboMax Grips and their patented design will deliver a state of the art and nothing short of revolutionary “Finger-Palm™ grip”, a gizmo that really works, as it’s been tested and approved by GolfTest USA and Golf Etc. All independent tests showed that JumboMax Grips outperformed regular golf grips in virtually every category tested, ranging from launch angle to club head speed, not to mention side spin, back spin and carry distance. Once you go for JumboMax Grips, you never go back to “normie tier gear”, and you can take that to the bank.