The New Ecco S-Lite Golf Shoes Are Here

Ecco Golf revealed recently their new S-Lite, which is marketed as the lightest golf shoe ever made by the company. This is a very interesting claim, which makes the Ecco S-Lite a true pioneer in the field. It’s worth mentioning that Ecco Golf is a Danish/European based company, and they’re known as true footwear innovators. The new S-Lite features a revolutionary design, and it can be described as a one of a kind hybrid shoe of sorts, designed to break boundaries as the lightest ever in the company’s history. The S-Lite features a fresh and out of the box design, i.e. the company started designing this shoe from absolute scratch, as they were looking to create a golf shoe like no other, and it comes packed to the brim with Ecco’s patented/state of the art technologies, blending cutting edge innovations and comfort to deliver an exceptionally light on-course experience. The philosophy behind the Ecco S-Lite was to combine traditional running shoes (basically that was the main source of inspiration) with lightweight leather and golf-centric technologies, for a rather unique and brand new concept.

The New Ecco S-Lite Golf Shoes Are Here

The upper of the new Ecco S-Lite golf shoe is made using premium and ultra-light two-tone Yak leather, lined with a soft textile material; needless to say, Yak leather gives the shoe exceptional properties, as it repels water naturally and it’s incredibly breathable, on top of being very light and supple. Moreover, the S-Lite boasts Ecco’s state of the art E-DTS™ LITE outsole, a patented material that provides both flexibility and exceptional grip on all types of terrain. The TPU outsole is incredibly thin, 66 percent thinner compared to previous products, due to a revolutionary multi injection production process.

As Jesper Thuen, General Manager, ECCO GOLF USA put it, here’s the quote:

“By owning our own tanneries and manufacturing processes, ECCO GOLF continues to find ways to deliver golfers truly distinctive footwear. This passion for performance and design is exemplified in S-LITE.”

The New Ecco S-Lite Golf Shoes Are Here

The Ecco S-Lite boasts a unique shape, which is due to the company’s patented Fluidform technology. Fluidform tech is basically a technological process that allows Ecco to build a special last, which perfectly balances both rebound and cushioning, for delivering a durable, comfortable and flexible one piece construction, without requiring stitching or glue in the manufacturing process.

Besides having a minimalist looking profile and being light as a feather, the Ecco S-Lite doesn’t make compromises in terms of stability and lateral support, due to its cleverly designed added support to the toe, along with the leather heel counter; on top of that, you have the polyurethane made midsole, which folds up along the sides, for increased stability. The outsole boasts over 100 traction elements according to the company, to deliver amazing grip, and it’s made using lightweight thermoplastic urethane. And the good news is that the new Ecco S-Lite is available for both men and women golfers, priced at $160 and $150 respectively.

Basically, if you’re looking for a high performance ultra-light golf shoe, built by a reputable company fusing golf centric performance with lifestyle, and following the principle of design by reduction, the Ecco S-Lite should rank high on your shopping list.