The New Euforeia Golf Glove is Here

Marketing is a big part of any company’s success story, and the new Euforeia golf glove is proof of that, as it’s being sold as the future of feel. This sounds pretty nice and everything, but the truth is, the Euforeia looks pretty much the same as the golf glove you’re used to playing with since like, forever, but re-imagined, or something along these lines. Here’s the deal: the vast majority of serious golfers use gloves, and by the vast majority we mean 85 percent of the amateurs and 95 percent of Tour pros. However, there’s not much technology inside a glove, as the golf glove remained pretty much the same as 100 years ago, unlike golf clubs, shoes and various other things, including rangefinders, which have all been heavily modernized and upgraded in the last 3 decades.

Euforeia seems to be determined to change the golf glove forever, and we’re not even sure this is a good idea after all, but let’s give these guys a chance. The new golf glove is claimed to be designed like no other, being the pinnacle of innovation and creativity, and arrives in three different styles, each of them being re-engineered from the wrist up and built from a melange of premium materials, including natural Italian lambskin leather, which is incredibly soft and refined, and state of the art cooling-performance materials. The Euforeia golf gloves are built using the latest direct injection molding technology and they feature innovative and ergonomic closure systems. The end result is a golf glove that looks the part, and improves everything, ranging from fit, form, feel, function, style, comfort and durability.