There is more competition in the golf industry now than there ever has been before and golf bags are no exception. Any golfer who likes to walk instead of taking a cart, this article is for you. There are few things more essential for a golfer that likes to walk than a lightweight stand bag that holds everything they need for a round. It’s no secret that golf bags have improved in the past decade but how good have they really become?

The Hottest Stand Bags of 2019

In this article, we will go over the best stand golf bags to be released for the 2019 season. The most important features that we will keep in mind will be weight, pockets, and club organization. These are the factors that you need to keep in mind when purchasing a golf bag. If you do a lot of walking, it’s important to have a bag that suits your needs.

It would be wrong to start a list of best stand bags without first mentioning the Ping Hoofer. The Ping Hoofer has been a go to for golfers for years and they are back again in 2019. One of the most valued aspects of the Ping Hoofer is the twelve pockets which fit everything you need and more. This leaves a separate spot for your phone, rangefinder, tees, balls, and anything else you can think of. The Ping Hoofer has five separate pocket spaces for your clubs. This could be a negative aspect to some but it seems to be the appropriate amount for a stand bag in my opinion. The only other negative would be the fact that it’s a little heavy at 5.5 pounds. Although, they do offer a lighter version of the hoofer.

The Ping Hoofer includes an umbrella holder for those rainy days. The umbrella would be held to the top by an adjustable strap and slides conveniently into a sleeve on the back of the main pocket. The shoulder pads are front adjustable which allows you to get the perfect setup without taking it off. They are also cooler than most for a more comfortable carry. Ping remains a fan favorite in the golf bag game and the Hoofer is a great choice for any golfer. You can get this bag in a wide variety of colors. This bag will cost you around $150-$180.

The Hottest Stand Bags of 2019

Next on the list is the Titleist Players 4 Plus stand bag. This is one of the sleekest looking bags I have seen in a long time. It has a low profile and a sleek design. This bag offers the player extra storage for your gear but not as many pockets as the Ping Hoofer with only 7 pockets. The legs are lightweight and fit perfectly with the sleek design. There are four total club compartments with separators that extend all the way down. This prevents your grips rubbing from rubbing against each other and creating unneeded wear.

These straps are self balancing and include more padding for optimized comfort. If you’re looking for a lightweight bag, this may be the answer for you considering it only weighs 4.3 pounds. The Players 4 Plus also comes in a huge variety of colors but the color scheme is clean and simple. The bag is a solid color while the main zippers are lines in another color. You will be able to purchase this bag for around $180-$200 but would certainly be worth the extra cost.

The Hottest Stand Bags of 2019

Since I began working as a social media community manager for Vice Golf, I was lucky to be sent a Force stand bag from them. I was happily surprised by the high quality of the bag. The straps are incredibly comfortable and are customizable like all other bags. These bag come in two color options, all black and grey with neon green. They are both sharp options and go well with the unique design of the bag. There are five pockets on the bag with a waterproof valuables pocket. Five pockets is all I need for my gear although others may want more than that.

One of the coolest parts of the Vice Force bag is the patch Vice logo on the ball pocket. This was a neat added touch that makes the bag stand out. There are six total compartments for your clubs. The biggest negative aspect I found from these bags would be the lack of beverage holder. That was a surprise to me but an adjustment I can deal with. Also, the price is steeper than most stand bags and will cost you about $250. Vice is a brand on the rise in the golf industry and their focus on quality in apparent in their stand bags.

The Hottest Stand Bags of 2019

Another unexpected brand at the top of stand bag game for 2019 is Cobra. The Cobra Ultralight is the perfect lightweight bag for anyone who likes to walk 18 or even 36. The bag comes in at only 4.5 pounds and offers five full length dividers for your clubs. As we previously discussed, full length dividers are a great touch in order to keep your grips in good shape and prevent them from getting stuck together. There are seven pockets in the Ultralight which offers convenient storage.

Cobra perfected all the details with this bag. The handle is designed for easy carry ability and an improved hip pad provides added comfort for carrying your bag. The straps on this bag follow a common trend with easy customization whether its on the ground or on your shoulders. The only negative comments that I found about this bag is the questionable legs. Some believe the legs may be a little flimsy. The Cobra Ultralight comes in a large variety of color options to suit anyone’s preferences. This bag will cost you about $150-$190.

Walking the golf course is not only a great exercise, but it allows you to appreciate the course by taking in more of it. I’ve also found that it’s easier to get into a groove when you’re walking as opposed to rushing to your ball in a cart and hitting your next shot without thinking it over. Before you upgrade your bag, make sure that all of the details are going to fit your needs. With all of the high quality light weight bags on the market, it’s easier than ever to find the right bag for a great price.