TaylorMades M2 irons
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    M2 Irons’ main goal in the design of the M2 irons was to make an iron that gave added distance without having to give up the trajectory needed to hold the ball on the green. Through advanced engineering and design, TaylorMade has achieved exactly this. As TaylorMade says, “Distance might get you to the green-but distance and height will help you stay there”.

    Key Technologies

  • Thick-thin fluted hosel-remover weight from the hosel to be distributed to the CG in the club head
  • Speed pocket-thin face for improved launch angle and maximum ball speed, even on shots where contact is lower on the club face than desired
  • Thin face with ICT (inverted cone technology)-also enables faster ball speed
  • 3D sound and feel system-the light and stiff badge system manages sound and serves to dampen vibration
  • Specifications

  • Available in RH, LH and Ladies
  • Set includes 4 iron down through to Gap/Sand wedge
  • Steel shaft is REAX 88HL in stiff and regular flex-Graphite shaft is REAX S-75, R-65, M-55 and L-45
  • Note: as these irons are of a stronger loft, it may be a good idea to order a Gap wedge to supplement this set.

    This iron is designed for a mid to high handicap player, what with the oversized head and slight off-set. However, it is offered in the M2 Tour version that features a smaller club head, squarer face and thinner top line. There is a video circulating of Jason Day hitting an M2 Tour 4 iron 295 yards. Although it is not for the player who is a great ball striker, the M2 Tour has the ability to take a good ball striker to the next level.

    Who’s your Mack Daddy?

    Legendary wedge designer Roger Cleveland has worked with Callaway for many years. With the aid of Phil Mickleson, he has designed the Mack Daddy PM.

    Features and Benefits

  • On the 56, 58 and 60 degree models 5V grooves are used that cover 39% more face area than 2011 Callaway wedges-the 47, 50, 52 and 54 degree wedges have a more sedate groove design to accommodate more full shots.
  • A very high toe, moving the weight higher and making it easier to play from those deepest of lies.
  • There is a considerable amount of between the grooves milling (maximum allowed) on the Mack Daddy wedges, which generates even more spin, even from the deepest lies.
  • The 58 and 60 degree varieties have three different grinds to choose from. The U grind (preferred by Mickleson) is a rounded leading edge and a sole that is a bit concaved. The C grind has 14 degrees of bounce, a somewhat flattened sole and a leading edge that is rounded a bit. The S grind has a flatter leading edge and works best if swung with a square club face.
  • Two finishes are offered-chrome and black matte