Taylor Made M2 Irons

    Just why are they called Game Improvement Irons anyways. I’ll give you a hint…on second thought, figure it out for yourself. Whatever the reason, Taylor Made M2 irons are one of the best of 2016 and have the Golf Digest Gold star to prove it.

    M2 is an iron that allows players with faster swing speeds to hit it very high and very far. Combine that with the benefit of TMs’ Speed Pocket to keep your mishits from straying too far off line, and what have you got? The best of both worlds.

    Usually when you think of a forgiving iron you conjure up images of bulkier club with a thick topline and sole, oversized club head and a bit of offset. The M2 is nothing like that. It has a thin topline…a narrow sole…and less offset. This iron is perfect for that mid handicap range golfer who doesn’t want to be punished severely for a mishit. Better ball strikers may opt for the M2 Tour. It has a bit smaller club head with a thinner topline, narrower sole and even less offset. The M2 Tour irons are the ones that Jason Day uses, and quite well I might add.

    Whether it be the M2 or the M2 Tour, you can’t go wrong with either of these in your bag.