TaylorMade Launches 2019 TP Patina Putter Collection

TaylorMade has revealed recently their latest TP Patina Putter Collection, the 2019 edition respectively, and the best news for the brand’s enthusiasts is arguably the updated Pure Roll insert. The new TP Patina Putter line consists of 7 new putters and a redesigned (thicker mostly) five millimeter aluminum-made Pure Roll insert, which is intended to produce improved groove-contact with the ball. According to TaylorMade’s Research and Development department, the Pure Roll insert’s redesigned 45-degree grooves produce better forward roll, a feature we all love in our putters, thus they’re excellent at helping the golf ball start and stay on the proper line that obviously compared with a regular putter featuring a solid face.

The new putter collection boasts TaylorMade’s specially designed screws, the TP screws respectively, a signature technology of sorts that helps secure the Pure Roll insert to the face, thus helping with minimizing air pockets and voids below the respective insert, and delivering an unparalleled solid feel upon ball impact.

TaylorMade Launches 2019 TP Patina Putter Collection

It’s also worth mentioning that, design wise, the new TP Patina putters make for an interesting mélange between current day technology and a classic “old school” look. There are 4 mallets and 3 blades in TaylorMade’s Patina collection, and speaking of the Patina thing, what we’re dealing with here basically is a naturally tarnishing “patina”, which consists of black nickel and copper finish. Also, all putters are available in right hand/left hand models, and both come in 34in and 35in lengths, with each of these babies boasting a KBS CT Taper Stepless Chrome Putter shaft and a SuperStroke Pistol GT 1.0 grip in the stock version.

As we already told you, the new TP Patina collection from TaylorMade features 3 blade style putters, Soto, Juno & Del Monte respectively. Each of them is designed with a clean build and features a single sightline on the back cavity, as well as the company’s famous Pure Roll insert, which is engineered to provide players optimized control, stability, and, first and foremost, feel. In case you were wondering, the putters’ names are inspired from regions, areas and landmarks of historic golf courses and some of the best golf-destinations worldwide.

TaylorMade Launches 2019 TP Patina Putter Collection

The mallet line consists of Ardmore 1, Ardmore 2, Ardmore 3 & DuPage, and needless to say, they’re just as impressive as the blades, boasting the same cool technological features, including the Pure Roll insert.


Soto: A smooth appearance at address with 47° of toe hang and a full shaft offset.

Juno: Shaped with squared contours, Juno’s appearance is complete with 36° of toe hang and a full shaft offset.

Del Monte: With a single sightline on the back cavity, the Del Monte features a slight toe hang of 8° and a firm feeling on impact.

Ardmore 1: A face-balanced mallet designed with dual cavity sightlines and one top sightline. A full shaft offset intended to promote a linear stroke.

Ardmore 2: With double cavity sightlines for a straight back, straight through stroke; features a face balanced toe hang and single bend hosel.

Ardmore 3: Incorporating 42° of toe hang on a short slant hosel with a single cavity sightline, the Ardmore 3 completes the Ardmore line up.

DuPage: An all-new take on the traditional mallet design incorporating a single bend, face balanced design.

Now, let’s see about the TP thing in the Patina collection: TP is basically TaylorMade’s proprietary adjustable weight system, which features sole weights ranging from 2.5, 5, 7.5, 10, 15, and 20 grams (each of them is sold separately by the way); the sole weights are literally unique to each stock length, in order to hit a predetermined swing weight. The new collection is already available in major stores all across the United States since September 6th and if you were wondering about the price, you’ll have to pay $249.99 MSRP per putter.