TaylorMade Brings Back the Original One Mini Driver

TaylorMade is an iconic brand in the golf world, and today’s news is about the company’s 40th anniversary, which brought back to life one of its legendary clubs, the all-times-classic Mini Driver respectively. The so-called Original Mini Driver 2019 makes for a homage of sorts to the brand’s long and successful history and it’s built and designed using TaylorMade’s latest technologies and innovations available for their metal woods. According to the company’s Product Creation Senior Director,Tomo Bystedt respectively, but let’s quote the man himself:

“In 1979, golf was changed forever with the introduction of the Pittsburgh Persimmon – the original metalwood.For the past 40 years, TaylorMade has continued that legacy of innovation with game-changing technologies, engineered to help golfers perform at their best. The Original One Mini Driver incorporates that heritage of innovation with key performance technologies, packed into a confidence-inspiring shape that delivers on distance, forgiveness and accuracy.”

TaylorMade Brings Back the Original One Mini Driver

To give you a little bit of context, TaylorMade broke the ice in the mini driver niche with the release of the SLDR Mini back in 2014. Just one year later in 2015 they released the AeroBurner Mini, a higher launching mini driver of sorts. Both models were built mainly from steel and they featured TaylorMade’s patented technologies/innovations, including the famous SpeedPocket thing. The new Original Mini Driver is designed to deliver shock and awe, i.e. amazing forgiveness, speed and, why not, visual appeal, features which are highly praised by golf aficionados worldwide. To achieve all these characteristics, TaylorMade’s Research and Development department worked hard and utilized all the technological bells and whistles in the company’s portfolio, to deliver a more forgiving and faster product.

The truth is that the Original Mini Driver is nothing short of revolutionary technologically speaking, as it boasts a composite tri-material construction, i.e. it’s made using titanium for the body, TaylorMade’s signature carbon composite crown and a 50 gram steel sole plate. All of these powers combined are aimed at creating an ultra-low center of gravity or COG, which translates into playability and increased distance. On top of that, the new TaylorMade Original One Mini comes with the company’s proprietary Twist Face technology, which is borrowed from the M5/M6 drivers, hybrids and fairways, a loft sleeve with +/- 2 degrees adjustability, along with the proprietary Inverted Cone Technology for delivering increased ball speed when it comes to off center hits.

TaylorMade Brings Back the Original One Mini Driver

And if you’re wondering who’s it for, the Original Mini Driver is crafted to make for the ideal piece of golf gear for all players, regardless of one’s skill level, just like its predecessors, i.e. this is not an exotic driver built for Tour-pros/better golfers only, but a high quality product for the masses.

Much of its “sex appeal” is due to its characteristics, i.e. the amount of control and accuracy which is specific to a fairway wood, but in the same time, with more forgiveness and distance, features that make the Original Mini Driver the best of both worlds. The driver’s combo of an ultra-low CG location with a medium face depth will definitely benefit faster swing speeds, as in using this baby will translate into excellent playability and extreme distance. If you want to talk a little bit of shop, you must learn that the Original Mini Driver arrives with a 275cc head, which is 9 percent bigger than the AeroBurner Mini by the way, which means this baby hits the sweet spot between a driver and a fairway wood.TaylorMade Brings Back the Original One Mini Driver Basically, you can use the TaylorMade Original Mini Driver as a replacement for a longer fairway wood, which is incredibly easy to play off the tee, or as a cool addition to your current fairway woods line-up. Most probably, you’ll end up using the Original Mini Driver as a “skeleton key” to unlock the most distance when so required.

So, bottom line, with their latest product, TaylorMade managed to create a driver for everyone, regardless of one’s ability levels, being designed primarily as a go-to club off the tee, which can provide the required control and accuracy along with forgiveness and amazing distance, a jack of all trades, master of all (pun intended). Finally, this Mini Driver arrives equipped with a Golf Pride MCC Decade grip and a 43.75″ Mitsubishi Diamana F Limited Shaft in Regular and Stiff flexes in 11.5 or 13.5 degrees of loft and an adjustable hosel for a recommended retail price of $399.