TaylorMade M2 IRONS Review
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    The TaylorMade M2 fall into game improvement category and they can be described as power-packed irons, offering great value for money.

    Basically, if you're seeking the best game improving irons on the market today (2016), the TaylorMade M2 are an excellent choice, being very forgiving and delivering top notch playability and distance in the long run. The design team positioned the COG (center of gravity) very low in these irons, and the company utilized a brand-new fluted design for the hosel, in order to make it as light as humanly possible; also they did a great job redistributing the discretionary mass further back and lower in the club-head. The TaylorMade M2 comes with a state of the art top line built, a 360 degree undercut that works by increasing the unsupported face area and, in the same time, it helps to save weight in order to keep the COG as low as possible by creating some sort of canvas, which lends itself to promote an optimized launch angle, improved distance via higher ball speeds and spin control. For achieving higher ball flights and increased speed, the TaylorMade M2 incorporates the company's proprietary Speed Pocket, now improved with a new design and a thinner face, featuring the Inverted Cone technology.

    The Speed Pocket is nothing short of revolutionary, and it's designed for increasing the launch angle, thus the ball speed, while making no compromise in terms of forgiveness when it comes to mis-hits. The TaylorMade M2 also boast a 3D badge, which dampens vibrations and improves the sound and the feel via its V shaped multi-material struts. The badge was specially engineered to be very stiff without reducing ball speed in the process. On the golf course, the TaylorMade M2 are very consistent round after round, easy to hit and confidence boosting, ensuring good turf interaction and better ball striking for all types of players, with great distance control and feel. Bottom line, it's very easy for me to recommend the TaylorMade M2 to all golfers looking for the best game improvement iron out there, and even if these babies are not cheap, they'll definitely worth a try.