Revo Launches Moonwalker Zero G Frame

Regardless of what you think about the moon landing, the good news for today is that Revo recently announced their new limited edition high performance Moonwalker Zero G frame. In case you don’t know what we’re talking about, Revo is an eyewear brand that was founded back in 1985, and it’s specialized in creating cutting edge lenses and frames.

Just to give you a hint, Revo gained legendary status among eyewear aficionados after their “best lens on Earth” was endorsed by NASA, and we mean that literally: space astronauts are wearing Revo gear, and if that stuff is good enough for NASA people, it should be good enough for golfers, right? Joke aside, the iconic performance brand just released their limited edition Moonwalker Zero G frame, which celebrates the fiftieth anniversary of NASA’s lunar landing, hence the moon-landing conspiracy reference in the preamble of today’s news.

The new state of the art frame from Revo celebrates both the lunar landing as well as the company’s long and fruitful collaboration with NASA, and it was developed with direct input from Astronaut Pete Conrad. It’s interesting to note that Pete Conrad was the company’s first brand-ambassador back in 1988, and he’s also the third astronaut to walk on Earth’s only natural satellite during the legendary Apollo 12 mission. Conrad was featured in Revo’s campaign which boasted the bold tagline: “Introducing Something Else Launched by the Space Program”

Revo Launches Moonwalker Zero G Frame

Considering the fact that Revo was founded by a NASA optical engineer and astrophysicist, Dr. Mitch Ruda respectively, it comes as no surprise that Pete Conrad has become a “trusted partner”. If you want to understand why Revo gear is arguably the best in the world (it’s so good that it’s used by NASA, right?), you must learn that during Dr. Mitch Ruda’s days at NASA, he was developing special coatings aimed at protecting satellite porthole windows against harsh space radiation. As you can see, this guy really knows what he’s doing, and due to the fact he’s a skiing aficionado, he tried to apply space-technology to filter better the full spectrum of light via specially designed eyewear. That’s how Revo came to life, as he applied his NASA knowledge to a pair of sunglasses, and the rest is history, i.e. this is the short story of the state-of-the-art performance-oriented eyewear brand also known as Revo.

Getting back to our story, the latest Moonwalker Zero G frame is a rehash of the aviators created for Pete Conrad’s campaign, but redesigned/reengineered for the “current year” by using premium materials (read titanium), dual color acetate temples, a 2-tone chrome finish and high-end shatterproof Serilium+ lenses. As far as cutting edge frames go, it doesn’t get any better than the Moonwalker Zero G, and keep in mind that we’re talking about a limited-edition deal here, as only 500 individually numbered frames have been made, so you should go get yours while it lasts. The limited edition space-age frames will arrive at your doorstep in a commemorative box which features an old 1988 Revo ad featuring Astronaut Pete Conrad.

Revo Launches Moonwalker Zero G Frame

Okay, that’s a cool story, but what about the price? Well, hold on to your hat, because you’ll have to pay almost five hundred bucks for the Moonwalker Zero G frame, but if you want a piece of American history and a cutting-edge limited-edition collectible, we believe it’s worth the stretch. Here’s Revo’s CEO Cliff Robinson on his company’s latest stunt:

“The moon landing was the most incredible technological achievement of the 20th century. As a long-time industry veteran and fan of Revo from back in the day, it’s exciting to be able to carry forward Revo’s rich heritage of space-based technology. I’m honored that our partnership with Brand Ambassador Pete Conrad, the third man on the Moon, has enabled us to have a small part in the very large 50th anniversary celebration of the lunar landing. The Moonwalker Zero G is a testament to Revo’s industry-leading technology and a celebration of the spirit of the Apollo missions.”

If you’re already “sold” on the Moonwalker Zero G frame, just click here, follow the link and you’re settled. You can also order the frame at specialty boutiques or finer optical shops, as well as at The Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum, the Kennedy Space Center and other museums nation-wide.