PXG’s Gen2 Putter Line is Focused on Fitting

Parson’s “generation next” line of golf putters is finally here, and we’re talking about something really special. We all know the company’s motto, go big or go home, which is very inspiring and telling about Parsons Xtreme Golf’s philosophy; the Gen 2 putter line is no different from the company’s golf clubs, i.e. they’re rather unique and priced accordingly.

To move along with our story, the new putters come in 8 different head types as it follows: the Mustang, Lucky D, Closer, Gunboat, Mini Gunboat (right), Bat Attack and finally, the Operator. Marketing gimmicks aside, what we’re dealing with here essentially is 1 mid mallet, 4 mallets and 3 blade styles, i.e. there’s something for everyone in Parsons Xtreme Golf’s new line of putters.

Okay, these babies sound cool and they look like they mean business, but how about performance, because after all, we’re talking about PXG (I hope you got that from the beginning). Well, it’s interesting to see how Parsons Xtreme Golf chose to focus on fitting options this time, instead of relying on the breadth of their Gen2 line-up, to allow their customers to find the perfect putter for them. So, each of these pretty expensive putters ($425 MSRP) is available in no less than 3 hosel options, and we’re talking about the classic “three musketeers”: plumber’s neck, double bend and heel shafted.

PXG’s Gen2 Putter Line is Focused on Fitting

On top of that, you can influence the putter’s bias and club head weight via the new sole weights, which are made of either light titanium or tungsten. The weights come in five, ten, fifteen and twenty grams, and they’re obviously adjustable/customizable, so you can dial your preferences with ease. Moreover, each of the putters is available in a high-end black or chrome finish, because we all know looks are important, especially when you charge over four hundred bucks on a putter. According to Bob Parsons, PXG’s founder and CEO, but let’s quote the man himself:

“Putts account for roughly 40 percent of shots taken, yet only a small percentage of golfers make an effort to be properly fitted. We’re working to change that. We are committed to helping golfers dial-in their preferred putter to help shave strokes off their score.”

PXG’s Gen2 Putter Line is Focused on Fitting

Truth be told, as per our “inside-sources” (just kidding), the new face of Gen 2 putters from PXG was specially designed to mitigate the disastrous effect of miss-hits, just like other companies tried to do in the past. Marketing palaver aside, we don’t even know if such wizardry is even possible after all, but what we do know is that PXG tried their best to achieve this noble goal, hence the club head of each putter is 100 percent milled to perfection, and comes with a state of the art variable-sized pyramid shaped face pattern. Since we’re talking about face patterns (which look more like shark teeth than pyramids to tell you the truth), another clever design trick implemented by PXG regards the pattern density, i.e. there’s a higher pattern density in the center of the face, and less density on the periphery.

This innovation is aimed at creating a hotter area near the heel or toe, which translates into better distance control, or something along these lines. Also, the pyramid shape of the face pattern is all about maximizing friction at ball impact, which means you’ll benefit from better roll and more consistent launch. Obviously, both sound and feel are positively influenced by the pyramid design.