Raining? Who you gonna call? GUSTBUSTER

    Has anyone ever tried to use one of those flimsy umbrellas that fold up and telescope to next to nothing on a golf course? I haven’t myself, but I have witnessed such carnage on many occasions. Every time I see some poor soul chasing his upside down, inside out 50 cent umbrella across the fairway, it sends a shiver down my spine. Why buy a golf umbrella? The first, and most obvious reason is to keep you dry. More importantly, though, is to keep all of your clubs, grips and bag dry as well. Actually, I would rather be soaked myself and have dry equipment than the other way around. Gustbuster makes a golf umbrella that kicks the tar out of any storm you might want to throw at it.

    The Gustbuster Golf umbrella comes in two sizes-62” and 68”. I think that the 62” is more than enough for most people. 62” should be large enough to keep everything dry. It is definitely large enough to store a nice large towel intertwined through the supports, which is a must for any golfer serious about playing in the rain. It has two overlapping layers which allow the wind to travel through the umbrella and not rip it out of your hands when the wind is strong. This umbrella cab withstand winds up to 55 mph.

    Four other things are important regarding rain umbrellas:

  • Strength of the shaft
  • Is it dangerous to operate? (fingers catching in the mechanism)
  • Is the grip easy to hold onto?
  • Does it fold to a small enough size to store either in or alongside of your bag?
  • The Gustbuster Golf passes all of these tests with flying colors. The colors that are available are limited only by your imagination. If you think you might ever have to play in wet conditions again, do yourself a favor and invest in a Golfbuster Golf umbrella. You won’t be sorry.