Ping Launches PLD3 Putter Boasting Unique Colorful Plates
©Ping Golf

The new Ping PLD3 Putter is here, and it features unique colorful plates, together with a one hundred percent precision milled aluminum body and a flame torched copper alloy precision milled sole plate. Everything can be yours for $435 (MSRP), and that’s a price to be expected from a premium putter from Ping. What makes the Ping PLD3 unique on the golf course is its one of a kind design, together with the multi colored sole plates. According to Ping’s president John K. Solheim, every sole plate design is unique, and more than that, is a work of art in itself, being created by Ping’s in-house designers especially for the company’s PLD program.

The unique patterns and the living patina colors on each sole plate are made by a special technological process, i.e. the aforementioned open flame torch multi stage heating and cooling process, which makes each plate “one of a kind” so to speak. However, there’s more than design that meets the eye in the Ping PLD3 putter, as this mid-mallet was developed in collaboration with Tour pros, and before getting released in the wild for the general public, several Ping tour pros played it, i.e. this baby is already proven in combat. Every Ping PLD3 is precision milled to perfection from a solid block of T6 6061 aluminum, and besides its unique design and appearance, it’s a solid piece of golf gear that will help you make more and better putts. Moreover, the Ping PLD3 boasts a full length white sightline for helping with alignment, a stepless shaft with non glare finish and a black anodized finish. The thing is, the Ping PLD3 is a limited edition, so you should go get yours while it’s still available.