Ping Launches Low Spin G410 LST Driver

The new Ping G410 LST was announced recently and in case you were wondering what’s so special about it, well, this baby makes for the newest member of the G410 driver family. According to Ping, the G410 LST is a high moment of inertia (MOI) driver, which is specifically designed to promote low stable spin.

The new driver from one of the world's most reputable golf-gear manufacturers comes with all the bells and whistles one would expect from a Ping driver in 2019, including the exact same movable weight system, which is already available in the Ping G410 Plus driver model. However, the new LST driver comes with a number of modifications; for example, the position of the driver’s center of gravity (CoG) has been moved forward (just a bit, don’t worry) in all 3 areas (neutral, draw, fade). Why did Ping do it, you asked? The answer is pretty simple and straightforward: this move is aimed at promoting spin reduction, more precisely between 200 to 400 RPM, in accordance to one’s shaft choice obviously, as well as the particular launching conditions.

Ping Launches Low Spin G410 LST Driver

Also, if you tinker with the weighting technology, you can move the center of gravity location via each weight position shift by one tenth of an inch in each location from neutral, thus altering right or left shot direction by approximately ten yards. And since we’re talking about the state of the art weighing technology available in Ping’s latest LST driver, let’s see what Ping president John K. Solheim has to say about the issue. Here’s the quote:

“The addition of the movable-weight technology in our low-spin driver option allows us to fit a wider range of golfers. A perfect example is a high-swing-speed player who battles a miss to the right. In that case, the combination of placing the weight in the draw position and the lower spin greatly improves dispersion and leads to increased ball speed for more distance.”

Ping Launches Low Spin G410 LST Driver

Needless to say, the new club features on the inside Ping’s proprietary Dragonfly Technology. More precisely, in order to save weight, Ping created a very thin crown structure, and then moved the saved weight to the periphery of the club head. This clever design trick allowed the company to increase the moment of inertia (MOI) by 3 percent, compared to the previous G400 LST respectively. We know, three percent doesn’t sound like much, but it really makes a difference when it comes to forgiveness and improved ball speed. Since we’re talking shop, you must learn that the new Ping G410 LST has a classic 450cc driver-head, which features a pear shaped (more rounded) design. This particular head design works in tandem with Ping’s patented (and cool sounding) Turbulator Technology, which promotes increased club head speed. Moreover, the face of the club comes with a score line pattern that frames the impact area, and it’s slightly open, in order to offer golfers better alignment.

Needless to say, the G410 LST comes with a lightweight adjustable hosel, which offers 5 to 8 settings which are aimed at optimizing ball flight (loft 0, +1º, +1.5º, -1º, -1.5º and lie adjustments up to 3º flatter than standard). Here’s Ping president Solheim again speaking about the technologies incorporated into their latest G410 LST driver, but let’s quote the man himself:

Ping Launches Low Spin G410 LST Driver

“The head size is slightly smaller than the Plus model and the CG is positioned to reduce spin several hundred rpms while still providing extremely high forgiveness. The combination of lower spin and more stability plus the ability to dial in the shot shape with our movable-weight technology greatly expands the types of golfers who can benefit from the technology of the G410 LST driver. As always, we encourage golfers to undergo a thorough custom fitting with a trained PING Fitting Specialist to determine which G410 driver model best fits their game.”

Here are the full specs of the Ping G410 LST Driver:

Loft options: 9, 10.5 degrees

Head volume: 450 cc

Head weight: 206g

Swing weight: D4

Std. lengths: 45.75? (PING Alta CB Red), 45.25” (PING Tour & Aftermarkets)

Lie adjustability: Up to 3 degrees (Std: 57.0?)

Stock shaft option: PING Alta CB Red (Soft R, R, S, X)

No-upcharge shaft options: PING Tour 65, 75 (R, S, X), Mitsubishi Tensei CK Orange 60 (R, S, X), Project X Evenflow Black 75 (5.5, 6.0, 6.5)

Stock grip: Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 in six sizes: Blue -1/16?, Red -1/32?, Aqua -1/64?, White Std., Gold +1/32?, Orange +1/16?

Arccos Smart Sensor Grips (upcharge): Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 in two sizes (White Std., Aqua -1/64”)

Finally, tech talk aside, you must know that the new G410 LST driver is available at authorized Ping retailers (custom fitting is a given) around the world, but the price tag is pretty steep: $540 MSRP.