Odyssey’s New Exo Mallet Putter Line Finally Revealed
©Odyssey Golf

Odyssey’s new Exo mallet putter line boasting a high moment of inertia (MOI) just hit the shelves earlier in April, and it features 3 new models. The latest EXO putters line-up by Odyssey feature a multi-piece design, and they’re inspired from both classic and recent head-shapes, while combining the traditional black look with the trendy red-putter color, to deliver what Odyssey describes as a tech-rich package with a soft spot for fashion. As per the company’s claims, the new Exo mallet putter line is very unique, as in “you’ve never seen before a putter like the EXO”. The putters are offered in 3 of the company’s most popular shapes: Rossie, the #7 and Indianapolis. The new Exo putter range from Odyssey is aimed at pleasing golf pros and amateurs alike, as it manages to put together Tour level performance with elegant detailing, including appealing visuals for fashion conscious golfers. However, there’s a lot of state of the art technology incorporated into EXO, to make performance a hot discussion topic “after hours”. For example, each head features a red-section aluminum for saving weight, which contrasts beautifully with the black stainless steel body, everything being precision milled to perfection. Design wise, the EXO line of mallet putters was created for a high moment of inertia, for improved stability on strikes all across the face.

Obviously, Odyssey’s latest putters boast a brand spanking new (redesigned) White Hot Microhinge Insert, which is pretty similar feel-wise with the Tour’s White Hot Insert, but a tad firmer. The new White Hot Microhinge Insert face insert was developed in collaboration with Tour pros, hence it should do the job as advertised. The new Exo putters are built using a very light and precise milling process, as each head is skim-milled. This special milling process is used to refine corners and edges, while providing the surface a beautiful feel and sheen, ending up in a premium look we all know and love in our putters. The new Odyssey EXO putters combine the company’s latest technologies with some of the best looks in the industry, to please Tour pros and amateurs alike. Speaking of technology, the EXO line features an advanced composite construction to achieve the ultimate forgiveness by concentrating the weight toward the perimeter, thus dramatically increasing the moment of inertia, which translates into improved accuracy and consistent ball speeds all across the face. The redesigned White Hot insert with MicroHinge Technology has an identical feel to the “gold standard” so to speak, and it delivers pure roll. The multi-material (composite) construction of the new Odyssey EXO line consists of lightweight milled aluminum in the center and stainless steel for the perimeter of the head. In this way, Odyssey managed to redistribute weight from the center of the head into the perimeter, in order to boost MOI for directional control and consistent ball speeds. The EXO line of putters is available world-wide since May 18th.