Mizuno’s New CLK Hybrid is Here

Mizuno Golf launched its newest CLK hybrid, which is already available at all major retailers across the United States. The new CLK boasts a revamped maraging steel face and 5 loft options, and it's designed to offer players a high performing and versatile “missing link” between fairway woods and irons. The new CLK is the perfect tool if you’re transitioning from your longest iron to most lofted fairway wood, and it can be ordered with a selection of five lofts, each of them adjustable by 4 degrees.

The main selling point of the new Mizuno CLK hybrid is arguably its MAS1C Maraging steel face, which has been completely redesigned from scratch. The new face promotes better energy transfer when it comes to fast ball speeds across the face. On top of that, you’ll benefit from Mizuno’s patented Dual Face sole technology, along with a wider profile. All these innovations promote a higher flight, as well as steeper landing angles, which means you’ll be able to attack tighter pins.

Mizuno’s New CLK Hybrid is Here

The new CLK hybrid also features a flat crown, designed to boost confidence at address, and to promote a more positive swing; moreover, the hybrid is crafted with many structural improvements and refinements, which are aimed at providing a solid feel and sound at impact, as preferred by Tour players and advanced amateurs alike. Here’s the director of Research and Development at Mizuno, David Llewellyn:

“Utilizing stronger Maraging steel, we are able to have a thinner face and a more aggressive, flexible WAVE sole, providing faster and more consistent ball speed across the face”

The latest version of Mizuno’s CLK hybrids can be ordered in 4 RH models and 2 LH models: (#2/16°, #3/19°, #4/22°, #5/25°) with the eight-way adjustable hosel allowing for up to 32 loft (+/- 2 degrees) and lie set-up options to help optimizing ball flight and address position and (#3, #4) respectively.