Miura Reveals Brand New TC-201 Forged Irons

Miura Golf is a well-established company, especially when it comes to crafting outstanding forged irons, which are some of the best in the industry. The good news for today is that Miura Golf announced recently their new TC-201 irons for 2020, boy, do they look awesome! Design-wise, the TC-201 is pretty much alike the MB 101, another iron released in late 2019, but adds into the mix more mass added around the perimeter of the club in order to increase the moment of inertia, as well as a shallow cavity, features that are clearly aimed at boosting forgiveness.

However, the new TC-201 irons borrow some design cues from the JDM Miura MG CB-1008, and by JDM, a term borrowed from the automotive industry, we mean that the CB-1008 was available for the Japanese market only, i.e. it was sold exclusively in Japan. The TC-201 was refined and made to complement the rest of the company’s line-up, as it boasts a clean and classic look from address, as well as a minimal offset. According to the CEO of Miura Golf Hoyt McGarity:

Miura Reveals Brand New TC-201 Forged Irons

“The TC-201s are a cavity back five years in the making. They are a testament to the Miura family’s dedication to perfection in craftsmanship, and are the most anticipated Miura irons in recent memory.”

As usual, when it comes to Miura irons, the company doesn't try to sell its products by making wild claims about ball speed and/or distance, like other brands tend to do, but instead they focus on their fortes, i.e. about their impeccably crafted clubs, which, just like a Mazda Miata, allow the “driver” (in our case, the golfer) to literally feel everything, which means the new Miura TC-201 are “players irons” under any definition, just as Mazda Miata is a driver's car. The new irons boast Mizuno's proprietary spin welding technology, which creates an absolutely perfect (Samurai-sword perfect) grain structure of every head. Even if these are forged irons, they offer the same playability compared to literally any other club in the respective category, due to their specially designed sole that provides a slightly raised camber and leading-edge, which helps with difficult shots in basically all turf conditions.

Finally, as per price and availability, the new TC-201 set runs 3-PW and it’s available for no less than $300/iron.