Miura Golf Reveals High Bounce Milled Tour Wedge

Miura is a well-known premium golf equipment manufacturer based in Japan, and the good news for our readers is that they’ve just launched their new High Bounce Milled Tour Wedge a couple of weeks ago. The HB (High Bounce) milled tour wedge was based on the huge success of the previous-gen Tour Wedge, and it was re-designed with a little help (feedback) from both golf-fitters and Tour players, which is kind of awesome from the end-user’s point of view.

Basically, Miura golf is now expanding the Tour Wedge series via a High Bounce sole to the line. The new wedges are built using high quality materials, i.e. the exact same premium soft carbon steel as the rest of the family. What makes the Tour Wedge High Bounce to stand out from the crowd is the fact that it comes with a wider sole than the “vanilla” version. How about the High Bounce thing you asked? Well, the new wedge is a tad more rounded from toe to heel, and the new design allows for a more effective bounce during shots along the middle of the sole, if you hit with a square face. Also, the Tour Wedge High Bounce features a more aggressive camber and C Grind from front to back, which increases shot variety and playability in a multitude of scenarios/conditions, even with the higher bounce thing. Here’s from Miura Golf’s Executive Vice President, Jason Rutkowski:

Miura Golf Reveals High Bounce Milled Tour Wedge

“We’re extremely excited to expand upon the success of our Tour Wedge product line with the introduction of Tour Wedge High Bounce (HB). The new design elements should appeal to more golfers, specifically those that have a steeper angle of attack on wedges.”

Miura Golf CFO Lawrence Place commented:

“We have had high demand for this wedge for a long time. The Miura family has produced an exceptional wedge that meets our customers’ expectations.”

The Tour Wedge High Bounce wedges are built utilizing Miura’s legendary forging process in Himeji, Japan, a technological innovation that produces a unique grain structure within the head, which is literally the tightest in golf, making for a premium wedge which is everything about control and precision, unlike other high bounce wedges which are aimed at distance.

The new premium wedges are already available at retailers across North America and online (www.Miuragolf.com) in loft 50 through 62 degrees in 2 degree increments, thus helping you to configure the perfect set. And if you were wondering about the price-tag, these babies start at $295 MSRP, which is quite decent.