It had to happen…Segway on the links

    It had to happen…Segway on the links

    Having never tried a Segway, I am a bit in the dark on this one. Recent shoulder surgery does not allow me to carry any longer and I am not a fan of riding, so maybe this is an alternative? It certainly looks interesting. What is a Segway x2 Golf? It is off the road version of the famous Segway personal Simple Electronic Vehicle (SeV) designed specifically for golfers. If it’s good enough for Paul Blart, then who am I to say?

    Most of the people I know who are riders do not want to give up all the conveniences of their golf cart. Why make the change to a Segway? The obvious one to me is environmental footprint issue and the preservation of your golf course. Unfortunately, I don’t think courses are going to rip up their cart paths to accommodate this invention (although I wish they would). Then there is the storage issue, whether it be in season or off season.

    Although it may end up being a significant money maker for golf course, this is not relevant in your decision to purchase one. The Segway x2 Golf can speed up the time it takes to complete a game while still having the space to carry your golfer’s clubs and accessories. That would be a good thing for everyone.

    But getting back to your exchanging your personal golf cart for a Segway x2 Golf – why do it at the high cost of the Segway? It is nice to ride a cart when the conditions are good, but how frustrating is it to have the starter say to you “Cart Paths Only” today. This actually makes the round longer than your game would be had you walked. But the Segway would probably be allowed on the grass in wet conditions.

    Golfers who own the Segway x2 Golf have consistently rated it a 5.0 on a scale of 5. It is that good. It can handle hills and bumps with its higher ground clearance. It can put you above the greens so that you have a clear view of the challenges the golf course affords you. Take a chance on the Segway x2 Golf and you will never return to a traditional cart again.