One of the Most Common Golfer Questions

Here we provide a concise explanation (and easy to use reference table) to one of our most common Golfer questions:

“How do I choose the right Wood to replace each Iron?”

Many Golfers, for example those with a sweeping-style swing, prefer the forgiveness of playing Fairway Woods instead of Irons… but they are unsure which Woods to select to replace their Irons. Part of the complication comes from the fact that different manufacturers use different lofts and head weight… for example one brand's #6 Iron may have a different loft than another's.. and the same is true for Woods.

But not to worry, here is the easy solution: When choosing your Woods to replace your Irons, focus on the lofts more than the #'s.  For example, if your 7 Iron is 34° then replace it with a 34° Wood.

Some of the most common reasons Golfers replace all their Irons with Woods:

The larger head provides more hitting area and confidence.
Hosel is out of the way to eliminate shanks.
Has no offset, making it easier to work the ball left/right.
The longer shaft helps you generate greater clubhead speed.
Great for golfers that prefer to sweep the ball off the ground instead of hitting down and taking divots.
Sweeping the ball with a Wood is more synergistic with the swing of your driver.

Your Iron that is closest to this loft —->  Replace it with this Wood

14° #1+ Iron —-> this 15° Wood

16° #1 Iron —-> this 16° Wood
18° #2 Iron —-> this  18° Wood
21° #3 Iron —-> this  21° Wood
24° #4 Iron —-> this  24° Wood
27° #5 Iron —-> this  27° Wood
30° #6 Iron —-> this  30° Wood
34° #7 Iron —-> this  34° Wood
38° #8 Iron —-> this  38° Wood
42° #9 Iron —-> this  42° Wood
46° PW   —-> this  46° Wood
50° GW —-> this  50° Wood
55° SW —-> this  55° Wood