Here’s a New Golf App for the Perfect Golf-Swing

If you don’t know what this is about, what we’re dealing with here is a new golf app which addresses one of the least known fundamentals of the beautiful game of golf, and we’re talking about the professional golf swing. Every top golf professional has his own specific rhythm when it comes to his golf swing, i.e. the rhythm thing can be described as a fundamental element of the game of golf, even if there are no 2 identical golf swings.

However, regardless of one’s particular golf-swing in terms of speed, grip, weight transfer or stance, if you look at golf-pros from all around the world, they all have one thing in common, as they all move more or less in the same way, on each and every swing. And that’s due to countless hours of training, which creates something called muscle memory, a flawlessly muscle memorized cadence of sorts, described by professionals as the main building block of every golf swing.

It’s worth mentioning that back in the day, in order to help their students with timing and sequence, professional golf trainers used metronomes. And since we live in the current year, PGA Class A member Doug Timmons developed Golf BPM. Here’s Doug:

Here’s a New Golf App for the Perfect Golf-Swing

While a very effective method, it’s not the most exciting lesson to take, or teach. I wanted to find a way to make the technique fun and practical.

This Golf BPM thing was created to help players, regardless of one’s skill level, to develop an even tempo shot after shot, by timing their golf-swing via a library of original beats. Basically, the golf swing is timed using percussive electronic/hip hop/pop/rock/whatever music genre, with each song containing subtle timed verbal queues, in order to help players know where exactly to hit their swing-marks. You can use this clever app basically anywhere and anytime, whether you’re at the gym, or at work/in your office, and you’ll be able to visualize the three essential timing points in your swing, then you’ll be able to introduce them into muscle-memory.

This high tech and subtle learning method is literally seamless, so you won’t be even aware that you’re actually practicing your swing. One of the co-founders of the app, Jeremy Callahan respectively, was quoted as saying about Golf BPM:

“A great DJ knows how to keep people moving by playing seamless music that flows from one track to the next. Our goal is to bring this same philosophy to your practice with beats that will keep your body moving in perfect time and rhythm, adding a fun new aerobic element to golf practice”

The Golf BPM app is not free, as it will cost you a mere $5.99/month, being compatible with both Android and iOS, i.e. you can it from Google Play or iTunes. However, there’s a 7 day free-trial thing to test it and see if you like the “beat”. Just go, check it out then come back and let us know how you like it.