GolfBuddy Unveils Their Latest And Most Advanced GPS Device To Date: the VTX
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GolfBuddy VTX is the company's latest and most advanced handheld GPS device ever made, and the good news for golf players from all around the world is that the VTX is now available in stores for approximately $300. The GolfBuddy VTX comes with all the bells and whistles one should expect from a premium piece of golf gear, combining all the features imaginable in a GPS device with a pocket-sized form factor, for added convenience on the golf course. According to the company's press release, the VTX is aimed at providing the most accurate, convenient and advanced measurements for golfers this season, in a very compact and lightweight design. Due to its relatively small dimensions (9.5 cm x 5.6 cm, 1.5 cm in thickness), the GolfBuddy VTX will seamlessly slip into one's pocket. However, this state of the art handheld GPS device comes with a full color tactile display, and it boasts technology developed exclusively for golf. Weighing 140 grams, the GolfBuddy VTX is pretty easy to carry around on the golf course, yet despite its small “footprint” and lightweight, this gadget will provide you with all the information required to improve one's golf stats.

The VTX will give you access to GolfBuddy's industry leading golf D-base, which contains detailed information about more than 38 thousand golf courses from all around the world, which means that you'll have instant distance/hole information at your fingertips , while its Bluetooth connectivity makes sure your software/golf-data-base is always up to date. The VTX will feed you at demand with accurate distances to the centre, front and back of the green, together with a full hole view and all hazards, including your exact position. In the eventuality you stray off the course, the VTX's dynamic green view feature will provide you with accurate distances from your angle of attack. Moreover, this cool gadget boasts 15 hours of autonomy on a single charge, it's water resistant and comes with access to both GLONASS and GPS satellites, thus providing you with industry leading reliability with regard to distance data. In voice mode, the VTX offers the option to select a female or a male voice, and it comes with a plastic holster in its retail package, which can be easily attached to your golf bag . Considering the huge amounts of features included in such a small device (and at a reasonable price I might add), with the cherry on top being VTX's unique technology and excellent customer support, the latest handheld GPS from GolfBuddy is a must-have item in any golfer's paraphernalia, bringing new levels of accuracy, convenience and value for money.