Get your golf game on Track, Man

    Trackman offers the Cadillac of golf sims, which unfortunately is priced accordingly, and the latest version, the Trackman Pro is bound to raise a few eyebrows. The Pro comes with the Ultimate Indoor HD setup, or can be setup ideally for rental at ranges. It uses radar to track the key data parameters: swing speed, angle, club, and club path. Use it outside, or inside if the rain isn’t letting up. The software iOS APP is perfect for trainers because it allows for separate stats for the primary account holder and students.

    Most players who are serious about their game have more than likely been custom fitted for clubs. If so, chances are their club fitter may have used a Trackman, especially when fitting today’s drivers with sole weight adjustability and loft adjustments. There is no doubt that this device has become invaluable in properly fitting golfers for their clubs.

    The “basic” package ($15,995) for this thing is extensive. Look at what you get for your 16k. The Trackman device and software, a 4,500-lumen HD projector and screen, turf, a monitor, and a quad-core 3GHz PC are all included. A complete simulator would run you around 50k. So, in reality, it is saving you money. It seems to me that it’s the kind of setup that is most likely appealing to people shopping for an office, an organization, or an event. The purchase includes a custom setup wherever you choose, along with other perks and customized service. For this price maybe they should include a factory tour, all expenses paid. If you do decide to get on board, pretend it’s a Nike product…and Just Do It.