Galvin Green Launches Environment-Friendly Golf Gear

The latest news in the “let's save the Climate” effort involve Galvin Green, a well-known golf gear apparel manufacturer. As per its name, this company is trying to become as Green as possible, and its new golf apparel collection is crafted from basically recycled fabric, i.e. fabric that was salvaged from production run, or something along these lines. It's worth mentioning the fact that Galvin Green is a leading golf apparel brand and now it's further boosting its environmental credentials with a new golf wear collection which uses some kind of leftover fabric from the company's main production, or, let's say its core range.

The green collection is literally called the UpCycle Edition, and truth be told, it's relatively small, i.e. it's composed of just a few garments, for both men and women golfers. It's also true that Galvin Green made a name for itself by crafting limited editions in the past, and, most importantly, almost all the fabrics are sourced from “green suppliers”, i.e. companies registered under the Bluesign scheme, aka eco-friendly.

Galvin Green Launches Environment-Friendly Golf Gear

The new UpCycle Edition collection is available to golf aficionados at most retail stockists and online, and speaking of the new collection, here's the company's CEO Nicholai Stein:

“It's in our DNA to work with cutting-edge technologies to maximize the golfer's performance while looking to minimize the social and environmental impact at the same time. Now we've found a way to use perfectly fine fabric that is sometimes discarded during the production run to produce clean, cool and confident golf gear designed to appeal to young and ambitious golfers.”

The BART is the first garment that became available from the Upcycle Edition, and it retails for $190 MSRP. The BART is basically a half-zip jacket built using INTERFACE-1, and if you were wondering what is that, well, it's a high tech and very versatile fabric that's both extremely breathable and windproof, which makes it ideal for outdoor use. The BART can keep a comfortable body temp regardless of the weather conditions, thus allowing its owner to focus on the game, and pay no attention to the windchill, and comes in 8 color choices.

Galvin Green Launches Environment-Friendly Golf Gear

Next in line, we have the DARWIN & DALLAS ( $100 MSRP) for men and DEMI & DERORA ( $100 MSRP) for women, i.e. golf sweaters and snods, featuring the company's patented warm layer INSULA™, and boasting the aforementioned Bluesigned approved fabric. The new golf sweaters and snods are being sold in pairs by the way.

Then, there’s the DARWIN round-neck sweater, which also employs INSULA™ stretch fabric for delivering excellent thermal insulation to keep body heat inside, while providing amazing comfort on the golf course. The sweater has very little bulk as it’s being crafted with a patented micro-grid knitting technique, which insulates perfectly due to tiny air chambers that capture body heat and keep you warm. This high tech sweater is available in Black and Chalkstone colors, and it can be purchased with the matching DALLAS neck warmer.

If you're looking for a round neck sweater for women golfers, Galvin Green's new collection got you covered with the DEMI, which comes in Red Orange, Pacific Blue, Peacock, and Berry colorways, and yes, you can also buy the complementary DERORA neck warmer to match. Finally, for those cold winter golf-days, we have Alec, a waterproof full zip jacket which boasts cutting edge GORE-TEX® Paclite® Technology, available for $229 MSRP; what's interesting about Alec is that it can be worn both on and off the golf course, so you'll basically get 2 jackets for the price of one. Alec features adjustable cuffs and 2 hidden front pockets, and it's crafted from a highly breathable and ultra-lightweight material, i.e. it's very comfy on the golf course.

But wait, we saved the best for last: enter APEX, the ultimate full zip waterproof golf-jacket, which retails for $360 MSRP (yet, it’s kind of expensive), which is built with state of the art materials (think GORE-TEX® stretch fabric) for providing optimal fit, thermal comfort and maximum flexibility during your game.