G/Fore Launches MG4+ Golf Shoe

According to the company’s press release, the new MG4+ golf shoe is nothing short of revolutionary, and, more than that, with their latest product the Italian company G/Fore is trying to change the footwear industry via their latest innovation, or something along these lines. Truth be told, this is a very bold statement, but G/Fore is known as a golf footwear innovator and, first and foremost, as a luxury lifestyle brand from the country that gives the world’s direction in terms of fashion, so yeah, the MG4+ already sounds pretty interesting.

The new and revolutionary golf shoe was launched officially last month, but strangely enough, it went a little bit under the radar. Here's the deal: the MG4+ boasts a unique/distinctive design and combines exquisite style with high-technology, thus raising the standard in the industry, as expected we might add from G/Fore Golf. The new golf shoe combines a modern perspective on golf fashion with all the requirements of a performance-oriented piece of golf gear. It's also worth mentioning that the MG4+ is fundamentally a MG4.1 reloaded, i.e. it’s built on the legacy/tech platform of the previous generation, boasting the same triple density foam cushion footbed (washable), plus the popular auxetic lattice midsole for rebound.

G/Fore Launches MG4+ Golf Shoe

However, unlike its predecessor, the MG4+ is engineered with a waterproof exterior and 3D molded external heel cap, which confers stability and literal invulnerability to elements. On top of that, the interior of the shoe uses a special antimicrobial mesh-line to keep nasty odors under control, and the outsole is very grippy on all types of terrain due to its 2-piece rubber no-slip design, which boasts sawtooth traction elements and hybrid knurled ones to keep you sure-footed round after round.

The new G/Fore MG4+ golf shoe can be ordered in 6 different colorways, and retails at $185 MSRP; speaking of fashion-driven colors, you can pick between Nimbus, Snow Camo, Twilight, Charcoal, Snow and Onyx. Let's close with Nicole Castrogiovanni, G/Fore president’s comments on the company’s latest product:

“The MG4+ was painstakingly designed to consider the needs of every golfer – from tour to recreational players – and potential course conditions with our fully waterproof upper and non-slip outsole. And, of course, we’re also delivering the superior comfort and the modern, unique style customers have come to expect from G/FORE.”