Fourteen Golf RM-22 wedge

    Fourteen Golf has reason to celebrate. Their RM-22 wedge been named to Golf Digest’s prestigious Hot List for 2016. The RM-22 is a top of the line wedge that looks as good as it feels and is built for maximum spin and effortless control. Their Tour staff player, (Chad Collins) has consistently been at or near the top in scrambling percentage for the last few years.

    The RM-22 earned a silver status in the Hot List rankings, positioning it as one of the top wedges on the market.

    Building off of its’ predecessor the RM-21, (also a silver medallist) the RM-22 continues to dazzle with its’ new loft options introduced this year. The addition of a 41 degree loft to its’ low end is going to enable players to hit their money shots from a greater distance from the green. The RM-22 lives up to the reputation of being a playable, forgiving wedge that enhances a players’ short game prowess. Again we see Fourteen Golf’s trapezoidal grooves as one of the design highlights. The volume of each groove has been enlarged, thus offering better spin and helping in even the thickest of lies.

    Fourteen Golf’s signature “reverse muscle” tapered design is again prominent in the RM-22. This feature has the upper blade of the wedge being thicker, meaning more weight distribution on the top. This makes it more consistent and stable throughout the swing, while also allowing more spin control of each shot.

    With new loft options in 2016, the RM-22 compliments a wide range of lofts and bounce. The regular sole offers distance control and accuracy in a lower loft wedge, while the bumper sole yields great bounce on full swings. The wide twin sole offers enhanced feel with stellar spin control.

    Here are some design features that make Fourteen a frontrunner in wedge design:

    Bounce on the heel portion

    A lot of our Fourteen wedges have a higher bounce on the heel portion, because when you open the face to hit, believe it or not it is actually the toe portion that hits the ball first, not the sole portion. The increase of bounce on the heel portion lets golfers feel the sole and will allow them to hit the ball in a consistent manner for each hit.

    The wider the sole, the more accurate you are

    All too often, golfers inadvertently slide the club head too deeply under the ball, resulting in poor shots. Fourteen Wedges feature a wide sole to reduce mishits.

    Thickness of the leading edge is thin

    In most Fourteen wedges, the leading edge is thin and has a flat sole, enabling golfers to feel each and every shot, yielding more accuracy and consistency.

    The bottom line is that Fourteen has a wedge that is widely respected, highly engineered and is used by professionals as well as amateurs. The RM-22, while not enjoying the brand recognition of Titleist or Taylor Made, is a club that will improve your wedge game.