Finding the Right Driver

In this article, we want to offer some tips on how to find the right driver for your game. No, buying a top-of-the-line driver is not guaranteed to help you perform better off the tee. However, it is important to use a club which is well-suited to your abilities. How do you find such a club? Let’s take a look –

  • Think shaft, not club head. It will be easy to be distracted by the variety of club heads that are available when you go shopping for a new driver. However, the shaft is really the engine of the club, so that is where you should focus most of your attention. If you find the right shaft for your needs, many different club heads would likely work out just fine. To help you find the right shaft, ask at your local golf shop about their club fitting service. Club fitting is usually relatively affordable, and it can help you make an informed buying decision.
  • Design your ball flight. You should pick out your new driver in part based on the kind of ball flight that makes sense for the conditions you tend to face. Golfers in warm weather climates can hit a lower ball off the tee, using plenty of roll to add to their driving distance. If you play in a damp, cooler climate, you’ll want to carry the ball as far down the fairway as possible. Pick a driver that offers you performance characteristics you can benefit from most of the time.
  • Set a budget. Let’s be honest – golf clubs can get expensive. Before you even head out to look at driver models, set a budget for this purchase and then use that budget to create a list of options. Remember, you want to have some money left after you purchase a new driver – so you can actually get out and play some golf!

Will the driver replace the putter as the most important club in the bad anytime soon? Probably not. It is still a very important club, however, and one that can help you shoot lower scores. We hope the advice in this article takes you at least a little closer to the kind of driving performance you’ve been after for years. Good luck!